February 10, 2017

How to Clean Your Speakers

Cleaning your speakers can involve everything from a quick dust-down to a full wash. But what can and can't you do? We invited our Customer Care Manager, Otto Jørgensen, inside our Ask the Expert studio to talk about the nuts and bolts of loudspeaker care.

The questions have poured in, so in the episode of Ask the Expert, we discuss how to clean tweeters, what to do when your soft-dome has been pushed in by accident and how you can tell if your speakers have been damaged.

This episode's questions

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How do I clean a woofer cone?
There's dust stuck on your woofers - how do you clean it off? Here's how to do it, Mark.

How do I clean and maintain the rubber surround?
Craig wants to know whether it's good or bad idea to use rubber nourishing on the surrounds. 

How do I clean a tweeter?
Derik, Gustavo, and John are by no means the only three who want a clean tweeter. Here's how to do it.

How do I fix a pushed in tweeter dome?

Ben asks if it's a good idea to repair pushed in domes with vacuums and sticky tape. 

Why isn't the tweeter dome better protected?
Yes, why is that? 

How do you clean your cabinet?
Mike and Ruben want to know the best way of keeping their cabinets looking as sharp as possible.

What do I do if there's a scratch?
If the accident has happened and your speakers have a scratch, what should you do?

How do I clean the older Contour's steel baffle?
Shahzad has a pair of older Contour speaker and really wants to know the best method for cleaning that steel front baffle. 

How do I make sure my speakers aren't damaged?
Finally, Ben, is curious to know how he could determine if there's a problem with his speakers. 

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We want to thank all of you who posted questions on our Facebook posts. We didn't have a chance to answer all of your questions, but we'll keep them in reserve - just in case.

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