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March 29, 2017

Active Crossovers

Ask the Expert: Active Crossovers

In the early March, we released a new firmware update for the Focus XD series that changed parts of the crossover design (our engineers also played around with the DSP, but that's another story). But, what is an active crossover in the first place, and what makes it different from a passive one?

We invited Roland Hoffmann, Senior Manager at the Dynaudio Academy, inside our Ask the Expert studio for a talk about active and digital crossovers.

This episode's questions

Watch the entire video above or skip directly to the question you find interesting by clicking the links below:

The first questions is from Jan. He wants to know what exactly makes something an 'active' crossover? 

Picking up on Jan's question, Alexandros, Chris, and Jesper ask if we are changing to digital speakers with active crossovers all together? And what are the benefits with active ones compared to their passive counterparts?

Paul asks if we have considered integrating tone controls that boost high frequencies?

How do we tune our crossovers: for a flat EQ listening frequency spectrum or a more pleasant aural sound? Click here to see the answer to Craig's question.

The next question is from Fingerhut, who wants to know if it is possible to neutralize a 'suboptimal' speaker position through DSP and active crossovers?

Bill asks what has greater influence on the end-result: the impact of active crossovers or the lack of circuitry between the power output stage and voice-coils?

Is active and digital a short-term fix for driver quality? Here's your answer, Joshua. 

We're at the episode's final question. And it's from Maxwell: will Dynaudio continue to make passive speakers or are you slowly making the entire line-up digital?. 

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Thank you!

We want to thank all of you who posted questions on our Facebook posts. We didn't have a chance to answer all of your questions, but we'll keep them in reserve - just in case.

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All the best,
Roland and Christopher

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