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Studio Masters: Detroit Swindle

Amsterdam is a vibrant city with partying being a central element of its vibe, so it is no wonder that the duo Detroit Swindle emerged from the underground of this particular electronic music scene. In just four years they’ve become one of the most sought-after DJ and live acts on the house music scene. Every weekend they perform in jam-packed clubs around the world, but we met them on their home turf, having the privilege of being invited to their studio where many outstanding house tracks have been conceived in recent years. 

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Introducing LYD 48

We set out to redefine the game of personal reference monitoring with the LYD range in 2016. Now we expand the range with a new 3-way monitor. Please meet LYD 48.

Our new LYD 48 features a 3-way speaker design, coupling an 8” woofer with a 4” midrange and a 1” tweeter, making them well suited for nearfield as well as midfield monitor applications. Obviously, it will be available in the sleek white and black design, as the original LYD range, but you can also get it in a classic all-black version.

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