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The All-new Contour Crossover

A crossover is a filter that divides frequencies and sends them to each driver – the right driver. The high-frequencies go to the tweeter; and the low-frequencies or midrange to the mid-woofer.
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A 14mm aluminium baffle

The new Contour cabinet needed a signature baffle – it has almost become mandatory since it was introduced on the Contour S in 2003. Without it something would simply be missing.
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Curved edges and genuine craftsmanship

When we started Project Contour, we wanted to develop a new cabinet – and the one our engineers came up with … it’s a masterpiece both visually and sonically. And the sonic benefits of it are substantial: reduced high-frequency diffractions, improved off-axis listening to name a few.
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The all-new 18W55 loudspeaker driver

The all-new 18W55 driver for the Dynaudio Contour has 70% increased excursion, a 24% taller voice-coil winding height, 20% larger diaphragm area, a “taller-than-usual” 7.6mm elliptical surround, reduced our MSP cone’s thickness from 0.5mm to 0.4 and many other improvements. But how did we manage this?
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Passive or active speakers.

So, what's best? Neither!
And yes, we know, we would say that – but it’s true. It all depends on your budget and needs.
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A milestone in amplifier design

Over two decades ago, it took a loudspeaker manufacturer to produce the world’s best amplifier. To this day, our Arbiter is still unlike any other amplifier ever built.
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