November 04, 2016

Danish Dynamite

A brand new Contour review has hit the streets in Germany, as the popular magazine, Audio, takes a closer listen to the compact stand mounter, Contour 20.


“Woah.” That’s how Chief Editor Andreas Eichelsdoerfer reacted when he first heard the Contour 20’s bone-shaking bass response. Andreas Eichelsdoerfer goes on to detail his experience reviewing the new Contour 20 in a fantastic review that we are absolutely thrilled with; so thrilled that we’ve translated some of our favorite quotes:

  • "The Contour 20 is a real masterstroke from the Danes. The Esotar2 is one of the best soft domes we know and perfectly matches the new mid-woofer.“
  • “Wide and deep sound stage, and a localization where one could almost imagine to touch and feel the musical performance.“
  • "When the bass set in we spontaneously reacted with a „Woah“. Massive and bone-dry the Contour rolled out the bass towards the sofa, yet with 100 percent control. The low frequencies literally shattered our worries whether the new one would sound any better than the old one. This was striking; Danish Dynamite in the very sense.“

 In the end, Audio gives the Contour 20 an impressive 95 points and the “Audio Recommend” label. The original review is in German, but if you are a bit of linguist, you can download Audio’s full review as a PDF right here.