Excite X44

Balance, finesse, power and control


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Exite X44

Balance, finesse, power and control

Our new flagship in the Excite range. A floor standing loudspeaker with a deep (27 Hz - 3dB) authoritative and accurate bass response, but also capable of producing an impressive image and sound stage.  

Balance, finesse, power and control: the X44 is the new flagship model of the Excite range. Two newly developed 20 cm Esotec+ woofers with exceptionally powerful magnets deliver extreme power and superior bass extension. Along with the large X44 cabinet volume, a very deep (27 Hz - 3dB), authoritative, yet accurate bass response is achieved.

The state-of-the-art Esotec+ soft dome tweeter with precision coating and extremely powerful magnet system ensure that the highest levels of detail and resolution and a well-balanced, extremely refined high frequency playback are on offer. The firstclass Esotec+ mid-range driver with MSP cone and powerful magnet delivers a rich, accurate mid-range with natural vocals. As the largest loudspeaker in the Excite range, the X44 is positioned significantly above the X38, and is ideal for anyone who desires maximum bass performance, either because they have a large room, or because they simply wish to experience the most powerful music reproduction.

The X44 excels not only in the bass, but also impresses with its speed, detail, precise imaging and amazing sound staging capabilities. Effortlessly detailed, incredibly dynamic, with excellent sound radiation, the X44 astounds as a most refined loudspeaker that will perform without peer in its class.

Technical specifications

Dynaudio stands out because of the competencies in technology and craftsmanship

Wilfried Ehrenholz, Founder, Dynaudio

Specification sheet for Excite part 2
Sensitivity: 89dB
IEC long Term Power Handling: > 250 W
Impedance (Nominal): 4 ohms
Frequency Response (+/- 3dB): 27 Hz - 23 kHz
Weight: 29.9 kg
Specification sheet for Excite part 1
Dimensions (W x H x D mm): 226 x 1210 x 344
(W x H x D inches): 8.9 x 47.6 x 13.5
Dimensions with feet/grill (W x H x D): 284 x 1238 x 365
(W x H x D inches): 11.2 x 48.7 x 14.4

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