Focus XD

The quantum leap

No amplifier. No speaker cables. No compromise.

When we set out to design the Focus XD line, we had one philosophy and one goal: keep the signal pure for as long as possible... and make the best active speakers ever.

So, because our R&D engineers aren’t the type of people to back down from a challenge like that, that’s exactly what they accomplished.

Focus XD is the pinnacle of Dynaudio active speaker tech. Each individual drive unit is powered by its own tailor-made digital amp. And running the show is cutting-edge digital processing technology capable of handling full-fat, 24-bit/192kHz hi-res files.

All the speakers in the range share common controls and connections – so if you want to mix-and-match, you can. There’s digital coaxial in and out, plus analogue input (with adjustable sensitivity), as well as a seven-position control for fine-tuning the speakers’ placement in your room.

And if you add the Dynaudio Connect box, you get digital optical, another digital coaxial and RCA and 3.5mm analogue inputs – plus mini-USB (which can stream 24-bit/96kHz files), aptX Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity (including Spotify Connect and DLNA).

The Focus XD’s firmware can even be upgraded when our engineers have another Eureka! moment (they get them a lot). In fact, that’s exactly what’s just happened. In the 2017 version, not only have they redesigned the crossovers and found a way to use less processing (for an even cleaner sound), they’ve managed to extract more volume from the drivers without distortion or compression. And because there’s less processing happening there, we’ve been able to use more in the EQ for even better speaker-position compensation. We’ve also included tech from our LYD pro-studio monitors that lets you tweak overall brightness with a switch on the back.

Use them with your existing system (they’ll integrate just fine), build a multiroom set-up, or even hook them up to your TV... while getting genuine high-end wireless hi-fi into the bargain.

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The Focus XD is more than just a loudspeaker to me

Roland Hoffmann, Senior Manager, Dynaudio Academy

  • Dynaudio Esotec+ drivers

  • Integrated amplifiers

  • Analogue input

  • Digital input up to 24/192

  • Ready for wireless and multi-room

  • Speaker Position EQ

The bass is much better defined and more transparent without being lean; treble is smoother without being darker; and there’s a more effortless, airy sound overall. It’s simply on another level.

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