Focus XD

The quantum leap

The Focus XD is a new generation in high-end audio. 24 bit/192 kHz resolution from the music source to the driver. It's a complete digital revolution.

This is the loudspeaker for the listener who demands no-compromise audio quality and high resolution digital audio.

Once you listen to the game-changing Focus XD and all the benefits that digital music has to offer, it will be clear that the world of high-end audio will never be the same.

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The Focus XD is more than just a loudspeaker to me

Roland Hoffmann, Senior Manager, Dynaudio Academy

  • Dynaudio Esotec+ drivers

  • Integrated amplifiers

  • Analogue input

  • Digital input up to 24/192

  • Ready for wireless and multi-room

  • Speaker Position EQ


Don't just take our words for it

The loudspeaker that doesn’t lie - Focus 600 XD

“Without any doubt, the Focus 600 XD is one of the very best speakers in this price class”

Dynaudio Focus 600 XD reviewed by The Abso!ute Sound

​The Focus 600 XD is” so good even audiophiles who may have dismissed active digital speakers out of hand will discover the manifold merits this technology offers”. That’s how The Abso!ute Sound’s review of our largest active, digital loudspeaker, the Focus 600 XD ends.

Focus 600 XD Review in

"Is this a really good Hifi system playing – or are there musicians playing in my room?“

”The Future of Reproduced Sound in the Home”

In Greg Borrowman’s mind, the Focus 600 XDs are an own goal. Why? Because they are right up t​here with some of the best-sounding speakers we have ever made in his mind. This brilliant review no only praises the Focus 600 XD, but it also lead to the coronation as Active Loudspeaker of the Year 2016 by Sound + Image.

When our engineers presented the Focus 200 XD in a very early stage, I was sitting there and I couldn’t believe what I heard. The orchestra was playing in the widths and depths like if it was real. I’ve never heard this before.

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