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Dynaudio Automotive brings the Dynaudio sound experience into mobile audio: authentic fidelity in your own car. Either via dedicated sound systems developed for select Volkswagen and Bugatti vehicles, or through Dynaudio aftermarket installation drivers for any car.

A primary objective in the development of the Dynaudio automotive loudspeaker models was to combine the qualitative performance attributes and off-axis response of the company’s award-winning home audio models with the excellent near field response and refinement of the company‘s dedicated studio monitors into a range of products that would be ideally suited to bring advanced Dynaudio sound quality into the vehicle.

Designing a high-performance sound system for a car interior is far more complex and demanding than developing a quality home audio system. Besides meeting the most fundamental objective – sound quality – the system must deal with other considerations such as extreme temperature variations, strong mechanical vibrations and greatly varying levels of ambient noise. Dynaudio determined that the only way to properly address this market was to develop a range of drivers with parameters specifically designed for and tailored to the car audio environment and the acoustics.

The available dedicated two-way or three-way systems afford further fine-tuning and complete flexibility, allowing the system drivers to realize their highest performance capabilities. All drivers are available individually as separate components to accommodate more highly customized multi-driver installations. All while delivering a level of sound quality and performance that is instantly recognizable as that of a true Dynaudio loudspeaker system – in every car.

For Volkswagen and Bugatti Dynaudio developed chassis fulfilling the industrial standards of Volkswagen while achiving the sound performance of Dynaudio. The specific Dynaudio Volkswagen components fit directly in the door panales or other dedicated places and are only available as of factory. Spareparts to replace a damaged system are available via Volkswagen.

“Dynaudio’s Evidence: The world’s best speaker?”

Larry Greenhill, Stereophile May 2000, USA

"They just sounded right - natural, detailed
with excellent imaging."

Peter Mew, Senior Re-mastering Engineer
at Abbey Road Studios
on Dynaudio loudspeakers

"We always take the best, and then we improve it."

Mark Thorup,
Dynaudio Concept Manager

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