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The new Dynaudio Confidence Sound System in the Volkswagen Touareg

Volkswagen Touareg

With the second generation Touareg, Volkswagen again sets a new benchmark in the SUV car segment. Following this approach, the new Touareg is available with the most advanced Dynaudio sound system yet: The Dynaudio Confidence system.

12 perfectly integrated Dynaudio loudspeakers

12 individual loudspeakers are perfectly integrated into the luxurious interior and adapted acoustically by the Dynaudio sound experts. A unique 3-way-system was developed for the front section, featuring a bass driver, a midrange driver and a high frequency tweeter in each front door.
This results in six loudspeakers for the car's driver and front passenger. Another 2-way-system including a tweeter and a midrange/bass driver in each rear door and a dedicated 2-way centre channel speaker allow the Confidence sound system to achieve one of the best, most dynamic and natural sounding music reproduction performances in the SUV car segment.

Details: Sound focus  Thanks to advanced DSP technology, Dynaudio offers the very best sound wherever you sit in the new Phaeton.  As soon as the driver defines one (or more) seat(s) to become the focus of the sound, the DSP calculates the most accurate reproduction of the soundstage for this specific setting.  As a result, the sound focus can be set to the driver's seat, all front or rear passenger seats without any influence on the sound quality or the sound pressure level.
Sound Settings: Authentic - this reproduces the music exactly as it is found on the original recording. Delivering all the detail, power and dynamics you would expect from Dynaudio it is also absolutely neutral. No coloration and no increase or decrease of specific frequencies occurs. Dynaudio is famous for this setting, and not just in the professional studio world.  Dynamic - this setting is dedicated to music fans that love rock acts and like real power from a performance. The sound reproduction is life-like and widens the soundstage.  Soft - Dynaudio and Volkswagen recommend this setting for low-resolution recordings or broadcasts, such as those from the radio or compressed MP3 files. The setting irons out any harsh or resonating sounds by tempering the high and upper mid frequencies. An enjoyable sound experience is therefore still possible from these sources.  Speech - specially made for reproducing the human voice this setting increases the mids, whereas bass and high notes have been reduced. This sound setting is ideal for news broadcasts, audio books or hands-free communication devices. While using a hands-free communication device in the Touareg, the sound system will automatically choose the setting Speech. After a call is ended the system will automatically revert back to the previously enabled mode.

Unique loudspeaker technology for the best music reproduction

The four 200 mm bass drivers and 100 mm midrange drivers use Dynaudio's own Magnesium Silicate Polymer diaphragm material. MSP has the advantage that it can be very accurately moulded so that the cone itself is perfectly geometrically formed in one piece, so that the sound dispersion pattern can be fully controlled.
This also avoids the need for a separate dust cap, as used by virtually all other woofers. Besides the inherent stiffness due to the MSP material itself, not having a dust cap further enhances the structural integrity.

Center speaker for improved soundstage

To achieve the most detail-rich, smooth and soft highs and mids, the Confidence sound system consists of 60 mm Dynaudio tweeters featuring large, specially coated soft domes, resulting in a smooth and clean frequency response even above 20 kHz, and unlike other tweeter materials, free of any peaks or dips.
This special coating and the special neodymium magnet assembly ensure the extremely linear response of the tweeters. Furthermore with a ferrofluid cooled and damped aluminium voice coil, extremely high power handling and precise movement of the dome is achieved, resulting in ultra-dynamic impulse response without compression.

The innovative multi-subwoofer arrangement reproduces tight and dynamic bass through the four individually placed bass drivers. This arrangement avoids the uneven bass typical for many single-driver or hidden-subwoofer systems. Additionally, the baskets of the bass drivers feature an extremely stiff and dense, non-resonant plastic moulding.
Another Highlight, and used for the first time in a Volkswagen sound system, a dedicated centre speaker is positioned in the middle of the dashboard, including a 50 mm soft dome tweeter and a 100 mm midrange driver. Perfectly matched to the loudspeakers at both sides of the car, the extra centre channel results in an impressive soundstage and a very even sound balance in the car's interior. As a special feature, the sound distribution to both centre and rear speakers can individually be adjusted by the passengers to their own preference.

Advanced amplifier technology

A digital power amplifier with 650 watts completes the system. The amplifier represents the latest in digital technology: Digital Signal Processing, or more commonly known in its short form as DSP, is used throughout to provide the perfect match for all individual loudspeakers. For the amplifiers and associated circuitry high-resolution Analogue-to-Digital and Digital-to-Analogue converters have been used to preserve clarity and fidelity. The amplifier is designed as a 12-channel-amp, so that every loudspeaker benefits from its own amplification, delivering a clean, clear and dynamic sound at any volume level.

A new sound quality in the Off-Road Car segment

Volkswagen and Dynaudio had a goal: Achieving a new level of high-end sound quality in the SUV car segment. With its 12 new Dynaudio loudspeakers, improved speaker placement and dedicated centre channel, the Dynaudio Confidence Sound System sets a new benchmark in in-car music reproduction.

Please note that the Dynaudio Sound System option may not be available in every market. Please refer to your local Volkswagen dealer for further information
regarding availability.

“Dynaudio’s Evidence: The world’s best speaker?”

Larry Greenhill, Stereophile May 2000, USA

"They just sounded right - natural, detailed
with excellent imaging."

Peter Mew, Senior Re-mastering Engineer
at Abbey Road Studios
on Dynaudio loudspeakers

"We always take the best, and then we improve it."

Mark Thorup,
Dynaudio Concept Manager

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