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The Evidence models are available in several real-wood veneers and in High-gloss Piano Lacquers. Other veneers on request.

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Bird`s Eye Maple Rosewood Black Piano Lacquer Rosewood Lacquer Bordeaux Lacquer Mocca Lacquer
Any loudspeaker interacts with the room acoustics and can ultimately only perform as well as the room allows. Thanks to the innovative Dynaudio Directivity Control technology, DDC, the Evidence Platinum is much less demanding and performs at its best, even in difficult listening environments.

Loudspeaker without DDC
Loudspeaker without DDC

Dynaudio Loudspeaker with DDC
Dynaudio Loudspeaker with DDC

The Evidence Platinum renders a completely authentic, truly three- dimensional soundstage between the two speakers.

The DDC technology is unique to Dynaudio, and its effect unequalled by any other loudspeaker on the market. DDC consists of a finely-tuned balance of symmetrically arrayed, precisely positioned dual woofers, midrange drive units and tweeters, and an advanced crossover design. DDC reduces sound reflections from the floor and ceiling of any room by at least 75% through the exact matching of the phase responses of the individual drive units, consequently achieving a sound radiation vertically focused towards the listener.

DDC essentially reduces room-acoustical problems without altering the music signal through usual electronic room correction devices, and without the need for visually distracting room acoustic treatments. DDC brings you much, much closer to the music, in your own listening room. DDC was born at Dynaudio Professional, the division of Dynaudio that develops high-end monitor speakers for the world’s best and most demanding recording and mastering studios. Years of experience with Dynaudio studio monitor loudspeakers made it clearly apparent that the real potential of many superb-quality recordings can not be truly experienced due to listening room acoustics.

In particular, reflections from floor and ceiling boundaries interfere with a faithful, realistic sonic reproduction because of added time delays. Not even the best loudspeaker technology could unveil a recording’s sonic potential in such surroundings. Dynaudio has created a technology, DDC, which effectively reduces these reflections and allows the speaker to perform virtually independent of the actual room.

Evidence Platinum, Hi-Fi News December 2014

“This is an extraordinarily fine speaker that sounds simply right with all manner of music. It’s a world-class design of which Dynaudio can be mightily proud.”

John Bamford

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Review image Audiotechnique

Evidence Platinum, TONE Audio 2014

“If you are looking for a statement loudspeaker, look no further than the Dynaudio Evidence Platinum. After six months of constant listening (and punishing) on an incredibly wide range of musical program material, I can tell you that there is nothing that the Evidence Platinums can’t handle, if you have enough amplifier power on tap.”

Jeff Dorgay

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SoundStage! HiFi

“…the Dynaudio Evidence Platinums sounded completely wonderful. Just as I’d hoped they eventually would, the speakers gave me a magical listening experience.”

Sven Bilé

Evidence Platinum, Audiotechnique 2013

Review image Audiotechnique

“…Wow! The sound had never been so true and the 3D sound stage had never been so vivid!" Lincoln Cheng

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Audiotechnique review

Evidence Platinum, image hifi 2013

Review image hifi

“…a loudspeaker so overwhelming like I've never experienced before.": Editor-in-chief and high-end-audio enthusiast Uwe Kirbach reviewed the Evidence Platinum in image hifi 2/2013”

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strong review here

“Dynaudio’s Evidence: The world’s best speaker?”

Larry Greenhill, Stereophile May 2000, USA

Stereophile 05/2000

„Regardless of your wallet's comfort level, I recommend strongly that you audition the Dynaudio Evidences when shopping for speakers. Their fit'n'finish must be seen, and their big, tall soundstage has to be heard to appreciate how high a flagship speaker's reach for the stars can be. Of course, if your Internet company has just gone public and you simply must own a flagship speaker, look no further than the Evidence.”

Larry Greenhill

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