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Dynaudio Reviews

Dynaudio Reviews

There are only a few people who take loudspeakers as seriously as Dynaudio does: The critics. Professional reviewers of audio and music magazines all over the world listen to, compare, and judge all available loudspeakers, again and again. Which is good for us.

Enjoy a few of recent reviews on Dynaudio loudspeakers:


We are X-cited: Xeo receives the EISA Award and is now officially the best EUROPEAN WIRELESS HI-FI 2012-2013!"

The new Xeo Series has been awarded with the prestigious EISA AWARD: 16 international HiFi- and Audio/Video magazines voted Xeo as Europes Best Product in the category Wireless HiFi 2012-2013!

Amazing Dynaudio Focus 260 review in music emotion / Netherlands

"They really don't lie!"

Download the review here:

Dynaudio DM 2/7 five-star review in What Hi-Fi?

"We've been searching for a seriously competitive speaker at this price point all year - and we've finally found it."

Dynaudio Excite X12 awarded Loudspeaker Product of the Year by GoodSound!

The Dynaudio Excite X12 was selected as the 2009 Loudspeaker Product of the Year by GoodSound! as part of the SoundStage! Network Annual Awards.

The Excite X12 initially received a "GoodSound! Great Buy" designation after Doug Schneider's review.

Schneider concluded that "'s the Dynaudio Excite X12's considerable strengths that make it special, even unique -- I don't know of another small speaker that plays quite like this one. The Excite X12 is now one of my favorite small speakers, and certainly is something to get excited about."

Read the full review of the Excite X12 at the link below:

Dynaudio Excite X12 review in Stereophile

Following its "2009 Soundstage! Network Loudspeaker Product of the Year" Award and excellent reviews in GoodSound! ("Great Buy" designation) and What Hi-Fi? ("5 Stars"), the Excite X12 is reviewed by Stereophile. The X12 received a rave review by Robert J. Reina which appears in the March 2010 issue of Stereophile magazine. Editor John Atkinson comments in the Measurements section of the review that: "For $1200/pair, a well engineered speaker like this makes it hard to justify spending more on a bookshelf speaker unless you can afford one of the cost-no-object models.", while Reina concludes his review stating: "With the Dynaudio Excite X12, there are no tradeoffs. It sets a high standard of excellence in every meaningful sonic parameter, whether in absolute terms or with respect to its price and size Having heard so many excellent speakers in recent years, I thought it would be hard to find an affordable bookshelf model that would stand out from the pack. I was wrong. The Dynaudio Excite X12 has become my new benchmark for loudspeakers costing under $2000/pair".

Read the full review here:

Focus 360 "Reviewer's Choice" award in SoundStage!

The Focus 360 was reviewed by Jeff Fritz for SoundStage! (June 2010), earning a "Reviewer's Choice" award in the process.

Citing the speaker's "excellent fidelity", Fritz offered the following on the sound characteristics of the 360: "The most striking aspect of the Focus 360's sound was its neutral midrange. I found it so lacking in coloration that it highlighted, in comparison, the relatively non-neutral sounds of most speakers."

"Bass was taut, but not too much so. It was quite natural and neutral - characteristics that were all hallmarks of the speaker overall, though they were still most audible in the midband."

"The highs, too, were quite good." "If you assume that only an exotic hard-domed tweeter can sound ultradetailed and airy, you'll be surprised to find out that the Esotar2 in the Focus 360 can deliver all the air and detail you could ever want. I listened to many, many tracks to determine just where the Esotar2's weak spots were and man, did I have a hard time finding any."

Fritz added:"The 360's soundstaging and imaging were very good to excellent" and "The Focus 360 was the epitome of uncolored", while concluding: "The Dynaudio Focus 360 offers a lot of performance for $7000/pair." "It's easily one of the best loudspeaker values now available."

Check out the full review online at

Dynaudio DM 2/6 five-star review in What Hi-Fi?

The January 2010 issue of What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision featured a stellar review of the new DM 2/6 compact monitors.

"Looking for a small, yet still powerful sounding speaker? Dynaudio's new entry-level standmounter, the DM2/6, is it." "It goes louder than you'd expect for a box of this size and isn't afraid of high bass levels at those extended volumes, either. Play the likes of Tinchy Stryder or Lady Gaga at party levels and these baby Dynaudios will shine."

"Tonally, they're well judged with just the right balance between highs and lows to make things sound even. Detail levels are also good, the speakers delivering enough insight to make even a complex piece of music such as Steve Reich's Music for 18 Musicians make sense."

More reviews can be found here.

“Dynaudio’s Evidence: The world’s best speaker?”

Larry Greenhill, Stereophile May 2000, USA

"They just sounded right - natural, detailed
with excellent imaging."

Peter Mew, Senior Re-mastering Engineer
at Abbey Road Studios
on Dynaudio loudspeakers

"We always take the best, and then we improve it."

Mark Thorup,
Dynaudio Concept Manager

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