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Dynaudio DM Series - Affordable High End
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Dynaudio DM Series - Affordable High End

The Dynaudio DM models are cost-effective high performance loudspeakers to complement different rooms and amplifiers.

All DM models have the renowned Dynaudio technology and sound quality, but thanks to their functional design offer remarkable value-for-money.

Dynaudio DM - high-end audio made affordable.

DM Dealers in New Zealand    |   There were 6 DM dealers found.

Angell Sound Vision
Unit 11, Quayside Apartments, 15 George Street
Whakatane 3159
Phone: +64 7 3086886

Beggs Music
264-268 Hardy Street
Nelson 7001
Phone: +64 3 548 8699

Paul Money Hi-fi
83 View Road
Auckland 1001
Phone: +64 9 6388555

Paul Money Hi-fi
Unit 3/100 Don McKinnon Drive
Auckland 1311
Phone: +64 9 444 4321

Strawberry Sound
21 Bath Street
Phone: +64 3 477 1025

The Listening Post
19 Mandeville Street
Christchurch 8001
Phone: +64 3 377 7299

DM Reviews and Awards

"This is a real winner" - The DM range reviewed

Dynaudio DM 2/6
Best stereo speakers £300-£600, WHAT HI-FI? Awards 2010

"Looking for a small, yet still powerful sounding speaker? Dynaudio's new entry-level standmounter, the DM 2/6, is it."

"A powerful and authoritative sound for such a small speaker."

"It goes louder than you'd expect for a box of this size and isn't afraid of high bass levels at those extended volumes, either.", United Kindom
"What's special about this Danish-made speaker is what's inside."

"The Dynaudio DM 2/6 may be conceptually old-fashioned, but it shows how far you can go with tried-and-true speaker designand high quality parts."

Awarded the Home Theater magazine "Top Pick" designation.

Home Theater 7/2010, United States

"Silky-smooth, highly refined sound character."

"Sounds just like what Dynaudio is famous for, smooth and relaxed and very neutral."

"Price/Performance ratio: Outstanding."

Awarded with the stereoplay Highlight

stereoplay 4/2010, Germany

"This is a crackling little loudspeaker with a skilfully balanced sound, very solid build and plenty of appeal to anyone after a big sound from small boxes."

"Immediately, the Dynaudios delivered a beautifully open and sweet sound, brimming with excitement and enthusiasm.", Best Buys, Australia

„Full and balanced sound, fantastic midrange.”

„Hi-Files Light Award 2010“

Hi-Files, Serbia

Dynaudio DM 2/7

"Don't miss out the DM 2/7. This is a real winner."

"The DM 2/7 is a very fine sounding loudspeaker, sounding precise and defined."

"You can easily listen to your music for hours."

"This is a perfect entrance into better hifi and a perfect upgrade from the rattling boxes that usually come with mini systems.", Netherlands
"Real clarity of vision from Dynaudio has delivered a speaker that's a fun all-rounder that loves to go loud."

"Entertaining, dynamic and speedy presentation; two-fisted low-end punch; revel in high volumes.", United Kindom

"Tonally neutral and enjoyable sound, wide soundstaging, good and three-dimensional presentation, proper bass weight."

Test Winner of the group test.

Video Home Vision 7/2010, Germany

"More direct, more lively and more grown-up in the bass."

"A recorded piano comes closer to the listener and sounds as if a thin veil has been pulled away."

"Price/Performance ratio: Outstanding"

Awarded with the stereoplay Highlight

stereoplay 4/2010, Germany

HiFi Test
"Typically Dynaudio: A classic compact speaker with discreet looks and excellent sound quality. All of this for a truly affordable price. For us, the DM 2/7 is a real hit."

HiFi Test 6/2010, Germany

Dynaudio DM 3/7
"Extraordinarily fine and authentic sound."

"The midrange quality is highly superior over what's normal in this price class."

"Such a realistic, deep soundstage is very rare."

"Judged by its musical abilities it will be seriously hard to find something really better below 2.000 Euro."

Awarded with the stereoplay Highlight

stereoplay 11/2010, Germany

What Hi-Fi?
"New DMs give real power and kick."

"Plenty of positives make for an enticing 1300GBP floorstander"

"Solid build, smart finish, plenty of power, go loud."

"…the DM 3/7 is delivering power and drama as required, while building a vivid, revealing soundstage."

What Hi-Fi?, United Kingdom

DM models

DM 2/6

DM 2/6 - The most compact model of the range with a refined and astonishingly big sound for its size.
What HiFi Award winner 2010.

RRP$1499 NZD / Pair

DM 2/7

DM 2/7 - A classic compact speaker with a dynamic and open sound, even at higher volumes
and in larger rooms.

RRP$1699 NZD / Pair

DM 3/7

DM 3/7 - The floorstanding model of the range with two bass drivers for an impressive and
substantial sound performance in any room.

RRP$3499 NZD / Pair

DM Center

DM Center - The perfect complementing model for all-DM home theater systems.
Compact size for easy placement.

RRP$1199 NZD / Pair

All DM models are…

·   Made in Denmark
·   Awarded with excellent reviews
·   Equipped with typical Dynaudio technology
·   Providing renowned Dynaudio sound quality
·   Available in Rosewood and Black Ash design
·   Ensuring remarkable value for money

DM Technical Specifications

  DM 3/7 DM 2/7 DM 2/6 DM Center
 Sensitivity (2,83 V/1 m) 86 dB 86 dB 86 dB 86 dB
 IEC Power Handling    > 200 W > 150 W > 150 W > 150 W
 Impedance 4 Ohms 4 Ohms 6 Ohms 4 Ohms
 Frequency Response 40 Hz – 23 kHz 50 Hz – 23 kHz 50 Hz – 23 kHz 60 Hz – 23 kHz
 Box Principle 2-way, bass-reflex 2-way, bass-reflex 2-way, bass-reflex 2-way, bass-reflex
 Crossover Frequencies    1800 Hz 2600 Hz 1800 Hz 1800 Hz
 Weight 18 kg 7.5 kg 5.6 kg 7 kg
 Dimensions (W x H x D) 8.1 x 37.9 x 10.7" 8.1 x 37.9 x 10.7" 6.7 x 11.5 x 9.4" 19.8 x 5.1 x 8.3"

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