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Dynaudio on the road

Go on, take the long way home…

Your engine isn’t the only thing that should give you goosebumps

Chances are, you spend more time listening to music in your car than you do at home. And we believe you should have the same experience sitting in a car seat as you do on the sofa.

That’s why we have our own R&D team dedicated to making ‘outstanding’ the norm when it comes to our in-car systems. It couldn’t be anything less: our partner is Volkswagen and, like us, they’ll never just settle for ‘simply decent’.

We know performance. We’ve combined the knowledge we’ve gained from over 40 years of innovation in nearfield reference systems for recording studios (where the engineer sits really close to the speakers), with our expertise in building award-winning home hi-fi speakers. Why those two areas? Because you sit close to your speakers in the car… and you want the same music experience you get in your living room.

It means that when you hear it in your car, you know it’s exactly as the artist intended.

How we do it

It’s all about the music

Creating this level of experience isn’t easy; it isn’t just a matter of putting speakers in the doors and turning up the volume. That’s why Dynaudio has a dedicated team of research engineers just for our collaboration with Volkswagen.

Behind the music

We've developed a new range of speaker drivers especially for the automotive market. They’re still made from our proprietary MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) material, but they’re optimised for in-car use rather than for the home or studio. They, the baskets they sit in and the electronics that power them have all been developed for use in cramped, hostile environments such as car doors, pillars, rear compartments, wheel arches and the like.

Our engineers have become really rather good at it, too. We’ve developed sophisticated DSP (digital signal-processing) technology to help: it has settings for you to tune your system to your preference: Authentic (for the unaltered experience); Dynamic (for recreating the power and punch of driving rock or pop); Soft (for low-resolution broadcasts or recordings); and Speech (designed for voices – whether that’s the news, audiobooks or hands-free phone calls).

And, crucially, it takes into account the fact that you aren’t sitting in an ideal position, like you might be at home. We map how every curve and surface inside the car reflects sound, and then delay the signal to each speaker to match the distance to their position. That means you’ll hear them as you would if you were in the ideal central position at home.

Every millimetre – every fraction of a millimetre – of our in-car systems is meticulously built, optimised and researched to produce the very best.

We leave nothing to chance

Our team works hand-in-hand with our friends at Volkswagen to work on speaker placement – a process that starts at the very beginning, when the new model is still on the drawing board.

And because we know the car in such intimate detail, it means we know all the variables. Every surface. Every reflection. Every distance from every point to every other point. We know how many people could be sitting in the car, and we know what they might be wearing.

That’s an absolutely vast amount of data. You might think that would present a nightmare for our engineers – but it actually helps. The size of the space never changes; the hard surfaces are always hard, and the soft ones always soft; the position of the speakers never changes; the sources are always the same. They know the kinds of temperature variations they’ll be dealing with, the level of noise outside the car as it moves, the type of vibrations it’ll be subjected to, even which parts are likely to get wet if you open the doors when it’s raining.

And if they can plan for the variable human aspect, and make every situation sound equally precise, controlled – and entertaining – they’ve done the difficult bit.


Dynaudio philosophy

Our philosophy for great sound in a Volkswagen

Our philosophy has been simple from the start. To create a pure sound system in a car, we knew we would have to break new ground. From the very beginning, it was our ambition to set new benchmarks. What we have achieved is a pure sound that is detailed, warm and natural regardless of the volume level. It is like everything else we do: truly High End.

Why is sound important

Well, for many of us, our car is a sanctuary. Whether you’re on your favourite country road or being stuck in traffic, setting out on a journey or on the daily drive to work, a Dynaudio sound system is able to transform your drive into an experience for the senses. When you step out of your car, we want you to feel more relaxed than when you got into it. It’s the sound that drives you, as we like to call it.

Made in Denmark

We take great pride in our products. It is what makes Dynaudio unique. That’s why the Dynaudio loudspeaker drivers are designed, engineered and manufactured at our factory in Skanderborg in Denmark. We produce every part ourselves, with the use of state-of-the art industrial robots. Only by controlling the entire manufacturing process are we able to achieve the quality we want.