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Esotar² 110 Tweeter

Dynaudio has established a reputation of producing some of the best high frequency drivers available with its Esotar models, incorporating its most refined technology into new reference automotive tweeter – and bestowing such with the Esotar designation.

Esotec detail with Dynaudio logo

The new Esotar automotive tweeter features a specially coated 28 mm (1.1") diameter fabric dome, a powerful neodymium magnet and an exceptional CNC-machined metal housing with a damping back chamber.

  • Coated textile dome eliminates any high frequency break-ups
  • Very strong neodymium magnet system with vented pole piece
  • Open, spacious and detailed high frequency reproduction
  • Excellent dynamic and transient performance
  • Integrated damped cavity chamber in the pole piece
  • Variovent integrated in back plate
  • Ferrofluid adds damping and increases power handling
  • Aluminium voice coil wire results in a low moving mass
  • Shallow mounting depth

Brochure 110 Tweeter (.pdf)

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