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Esotar² Trim Rings

The Dynaudio Esotar² drivers are reference-level loudspeaker components capable of revealing even the most subtle sonic details. To achieve a superb level of sound quality, however, one must pay attention to the quality of installation and ancillary equipment. The ultimate level of performance realized will depend heavily on the above, and there are many points to consider.

Dynaudio Esotar trim rings

To achieve the highest level of sound quality, it is very important that the loudspeakers are mounted to solid and well-damped baffles and that the air space behind the woofers is sealed from the vehicle interior. To avoid rattles and resonance, it is important that surfaces such as inner door skins, surrounding metal and even exterior panels are reinforced and damped with quality sound/vibration deadening materials.

The Esotar² driver frame features a unique bolt pattern with the mounting holes on the perimeter of the frame (high grade mounting bolts are included). To conveniently facilitate flush-mount installations, Dynaudio offers dedicated installation trim rings featuring CNC machined precision cut-outs that perfectly fit the outline of the Esotar² driver frames.

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