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Esotec X252 Two-Way Crossover

The new Esotec X 252 crossover is a competition grade, audiophile quality passive two-way crossover designed to accommodate four of the new Esotec woofers, the MW 152, MW 162, MW 162 GT and MW 172 models in combination with the Esotec MD 102 tweeter.

Esotar ex2-430 crossover

The X 252 Crossover is also included in three packaged Esotec two-way component systems, and features a three-position tweeter level control to better adjust the high frequency performance to listener position or preference

With the vast experience gained in developing the advanced Dynaudio premium factory sound systems offered to the automotive industry, fine-tuning the new Esotec crossovers brought forth a substantial improvement in sound quality. The Esotec X 252 is a first order crossover with impedance correction for the woofer to create an even easier load for any amplifier and a second order filter with an integrated self-resetting protection circuit for the tweeter.

The Esotec crossovers all feature gold plated screw terminals, polypropylene capacitors, thick printed circuit boards with pure copper traces, and are housed in impact resistant plastic enclosures. Each is optimized for a particular configuration and is designed to enable the individual Esotec loudspeaker models to perform at their optimum capabilities while addressing a wide range of systems and applications, and are optimized for perfect phase response and time coherency in any vehicle. 

X 252 - MW 152 - MW 162/MW 162GT - MW 172

  • Crossover frequency (for all): 2200 Hz 
  • Nominal Impedance (for all): 4 Ohms
  • Power Handling (X252): 100 W
  • Power Handling (MW 162/MW 162GT): 120 W
  • Power Handling (mw 172): 150 W
  • Dimensions: 38 x 84 x 145 mm
  • Net weight: 0.33 kg

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