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Volkswagen Arteon – a concert-hall on four wheels

Luxury car, luxury sound-system.

The Dynaudio system in the all-new VW Arteon is designed and engineered specifically for a perfect performance on the road.

Twelve speakers, individually tuned for this model, surround everyone in the car. Two three-way fully active speaker sets are mounted in the front doors, while the rear seats are bathed in sound from twin active two-way sets. There's also a dedicated center-speaker in the dashboard and a powerful subwoofer in the trunk.


All the woofers have newly designed MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) cones, and the tweeters use Dynaudio's celebrated soft-dome tweeters – it’s all exactly the same technology as you'll find in our legendary home hi-fi and professional studio speakers.

The brain of the system is a powerful Digital Signal Processor (DSP), which marshalls 16 channels of digital amplification from the state-of-the-art 700W power unit.

And, of course, it's all been engineered and tuned by the experts in Dynaudio Labs. They've measured every inch of the Arteon's interior. They know how every curve, every surface and every corner affects the system's performance. They even know how it behaves both when five people get in wearing thick winter coats, versus what happens when there's a solitary, T-shirt-wearing driver.

It's all been taken into account. All you have to do is drive, listen and enjoy.

Click here to learn more about the Arteon on Volkswagen's website.

We place you in the center of music


  • 1 Centre speaker
  • 4 Woofers
  • 1 Subwoofer

Features & Highlights

  • 12 speakers
  • 2x 6½in MSP woofers
  • 2x 8in MSP woofers
  • Fully active 3-way system in front doors and 2-way in rear doors
  • Centre speaker
  • Subwoofer in the trunk
  • 700W digital amplifier

It's all about in-car audio

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Making car audio sound outstanding

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