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Volkswagen Tiguan - The Contour sound system

The best sound system available in any compact SUV.

The Dynaudio Contour Sound System for the Volkswagen Tiguan is comprised of eight high performance Dynaudio loudspeaker drivers and powered by 300 watts of advanced digital amplification.


Designed specifically for the Tiguan and precisely tailored to the acoustics of vehicle’s interior, the front channels feature two large MSP mid/bass drivers and two soft dome tweeters to handle the high-frequency range. Additionally, mounted in the back of the vehicle are two smaller MSP mid/bass drivers and two soft-dome tweeters. In the trunk there's a high-performance subwoofer, providing bass punch and – crucially – helping the whole frequency range knit together exactly as it should.

The result: the best sound system available in any compact SUV on the market.

Have you ever wondered how we tune an in-car sound system? Wonder no more. We've interviewed our Senior Sound Tuner, Morten Hermansen, about sound tuning in the hi-fi in your car.

Click here to learn more about the Tiguan on Volkswagen's website.

We place you in the center of music


  • 4 Tweeters
  • 1 Centre speaker
  • 4 Woofers
  • 1 Subwoofer

Features & Highlights

  • Characteristic Dynaudio sound quality that is best-in-class in the compact SUV category
  • Dynaudio expert fine tuning yields a perfectly balanced and completely uncompromised sound experience
  • High Performance 6.5 inch diameter MSP mid/bass drivers
  • Sophisticated 300 watt digital power amplifier.

It's all about in-car audio

Watch as our Senior Sound Tuner, Morten Hermansen, joins us on Ask the Expert to answer questions about everything from the sound stage we try to achieve in cars to time-alignment and noise dampening.

Making car audio sound outstanding

It’s easy to make car audio sound simply decent. The combination of the knowledge gained from designing and producing nearfield reference systems for recording studios with the expertise in building award-winning home hi-fi speakers provides you with opportunity to experience and enjoy the same music you get in your living room.