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Nothing left to chance

A car manufacturer like Volkswagen leaves nothing to chance, when developing a new generation of its best selling model. So the goal for its designers and engineers was to set new benchmarks and achieve perfection. This included the sound system, and Volkswagen entrusted its delegated sound system supplier, Dynaudio, to deliver a solution.

As there is no substitute for experience, we took everything we learned from engineering the sound systems for the luxury-model Volkswagen Phaeton, and the Bugatti Veyron — one of the world’s most exclusive supercars, to develop this sound system. The new Dynaudio Confidence Sound System was designed and engineered specifically for the latest generation Volkswagen Passat. It includes 12 Dynaudio loudspeakers, the latest generation Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and 16-channel fully active loudspeakers with an amplifier delivering 680 watts of pure sound.

Hand driver of car audio

Pure music experience

In the front we placed a full range centre driver, two large bass drivers, two new designed midranges and two high frequency soft dome tweeters. In total the front corresponds to two 3-way floor speakers and the centre channel in a normal home surround setup. In the back we placed two additional bass/midrange drivers, two soft dome tweeters and one subwoofer. This gives the rear channel and subwoofer channel in the home surround setup, delivering an intense experience from the living room into the car. Our sound engineers have been through every curve and every surface in the interior, tuning the drivers and DSP-unit to perfection. The result is a pure music experience. It is the sound that drives you.

Sound testing in the car

Sound settings

No matter what kind of music you enjoy, we want to deliver the perfect sound experience. This is why we have developed four different sound settings called Authentic, Dynamic, Soft and Speech.

This reproduces the music exactly as it is found on the original recording, delivering all the detail, but also power and dynamics.

This setting is dedicated to music fans that love rock and like to feel the power from a performance, with a life like sound, even at the absolute maximum sound level.

Recommended for low-resolution recordings or broadcasts, such as compressed MP3 files, making an enjoyable and detailed sound experience possible.

Specially made for reproducing the human voice, this setting is ideal for news broadcasts, audio books or hands-free communication devices.

Sound character profile in the VW Tourage