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Dynaudio philosophy

Our philosophy was simple. Whether listening classical or acoustic music, the latest electro beats or the powerful live recording from a stadium concert, we wanted to turn your car into a concert hall, and create a truly magical experience. To make that happen was anything but simple, though.

To create pure sound system in a car, we knew we would have to break new ground. From the very beginning it was our ambition to set new benchmarks. What we have achieved is a pure sound that is detailed, warm and natural regardless of the volume level. It is like everything else we do: truly High End.

The pianist in the studio

Why is sound important

Well, for many of us, our car is a sanctuary. Whether you’re on your favourite country road or being stuck in traffic, setting out on a journey or on the daily drive to work, a Dynaudio sound system is able to transform your drive into an experience for the senses. When you step out of your car, we want you to feel more relaxed than when you got into it. It’s the sound that drives you, as we like to call it.

VW Westie

Engineering pure sound

To say that it is a challenge to create pure sound in a car is something of an understatement. For a sound engineer, the inside of a modern car is a paradox. The comfortable seats absorb sound waves, while hard surfaces like glass reflects them. We have to take into account the constantly changing levels of noise and vibrations from wind, tires and engine, depending on whether you’re driving more than 200 km/h on the autobahn or on a gravel road.

For our loudspeaker drivers there are no shortages of extremes. Temperatures can vary from minus 30 to plus 60 degrees Celsius, there’s direct sunlight and moisture — in fact, in heavy rain, the bass drivers placed in the door of your car might be partially submerged in water. Then of course, there’s the obvious problem that neither driver nor passenger are ever ideally placed in front of the loudspeakers, since the way they are placed, are dictated by the space available. Compared to a normal 3-way loudspeaker configuration, like the surround setup in your home, this is nothing short of complete chaos — not only can the individual drivers be meters apart, but also placed in different angles to each other.

Car audio esotec and esotar

Timing it right

So how do we do it? The solution is to use Digital Signal Processing (DSP). We carefully map how every curve and every surface of the interior reflects sound, and then delay the signal to each speaker with the help of computer processing power, to match the distance to their position. So that you will experience is the same pure sound, as if we placed you in the perfect position in front of two of our speakers in your living room. This tricks our brain to think that the music is placed in front of us.

Sound testing for the car audio

Made in Denmark

We take great pride in our products. It is what makes Dynaudio unique. That’s why the Dynaudio loudspeaker drivers are designed, engineered and manufactured at our factory in Skanderborg in Denmark. We produce every part ourselves, with the use of state-of-the art industrial robots. Only by controlling the entire manufacturing process are we able to achieve the quality we want.


Production process for car audio