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OW-6 User manual


OW Series speakers are connected to speaker cables via screw terminal blocks located behind their connection panels. The connection panels, supplied separately within the shipping box, incorporate cable entry ducts with sealing glands that can be tightened to restrain the cable and prevent the ingress of moisture and dust. Each terminal blocks carries two pairs of positive and negative terminals. The second pair of terminals is provided to enable speakers to be daisy-chained when 70/100V amplification is used. In this case all but the last speaker in a chain will require connection to two speaker cables.

The selection of appropriate speaker cable gauge will depend on the type of application used and length of cable from amplifier to speaker. With conventional 'low-z' amplification, cable with conductors of at least 1.5mm2 cross sectional area is recommend. If cable length from amplifier to speaker exceeds 15m, larger gauge cable should be considered. With 70/100V amplification cable gauge can be reduced, however 0.5mm2 should still be considered the minimum.

To connect OW Series speaker, proceed as described and illustrated in the following paragraphs and diagrams.

Ensure that all amplification is switched off when making speaker connections.

  • Unscrew and remove the male connector body from the female socket block mounted on the rear of the speaker.
  • Pass the speaker cable or cables through the connection panel duct. Do not tighten the sealing gland at this stage.
  • Strip 5mm of insulation from the ends of the speaker cables and connect them to the appropriate terminals of the male connector body.
  • Insert the male connector body into the female socket block. Re-tighten the retaining screws.
  • Transfer the connection panel along the cable or cables until it is located in position on the rear of the speaker. Take care that the cable or cables are dressed neatly behind the connection panel and not stressed. Insert and tighten the four supplied connection panel retaining screws.
  • Tighten the connection panel cable sealing gland.

Before using your OW Series speakers ensure that the rear panel transformer selection switch is set appropriately. The transformer selection switch is illustrated in the following diagram. Use a coin or a flat bladed screwdriver to turn the switch. Inappropriate transformer selection switch settings may cause damage to both speakers and amplifiers.

When used with 70/100V line amplification the transformer selection switch must be set to one of the power setting positions. Higher power settings will result in increased speaker volume. Different power settings can be used to set the relative volume level of speakers in a multi-speaker installations.