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OW-6 User manual


Please read the Important Safety Instructions supplied with these speakers before beginning their installation.

The OW-6 and OW-8 are custom installation, wall-mount, passive high-performance speakers suitable for installation both inside and outdoors. They are supplied with adjustable wall-mount brackets and can be powered by both conventional “low-z” amplification or 100V/70V line amplification.

OW Series speakers are intended to be mounted either vertically or horizontally using the supplied wall-mount brackets. The brackets can be attached to any suitably sound structure. Wall-mount fittings such as screws and wall plugs are not supplied but should be chosen appropriately for the type and condition of the structure the wall-mount brackets are to be attached to. OW Series speakers are heavy and you must be sure that the structure and fittings chosen are able to support a minimum of 20 kg. If you have any concerns over the suitability of the structure, or doubt in your ability to fix the wall-mount brackets securely, you should seek professional advice and help.

A tapped hole is provided on the rear panel of OW Series speakers to enable the supplied secondary restraint eyelet and a chain to be fitted. Secondary restraint is compulsory in some territories.

OW Series speakers are rated water and dust resistant to IP65. They can be installed in the open air but should be sheltered from rain and direct sunlight. They can also be installed and used in environments that are subject to long-term ambient temperatures between -33 °C and +40 °C. They are not suitable for installation where they will be continually in contact with water.

This manual is divided into sections covering carton contents, positioning, connecting, configuration and mounting. Please read all the sections before beginning speaker installation.

Carton Contents

Each OW Series speak pack contains the following items:

  • 2 x OW Series speakers
  • 2 x Connection cover panels
  • 2 x Wall-mount brackets
  • 8 x Connection cover panel screws
  • 2 x Secondary restraint eyelets
  • 1 x 5.5mm Allen key
  • 1 x Document pack