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OW-6 User manual

Speaker Positions

OW Series speakers are designed for both high performance and background sound applications either indoors or outdoors.

If OW Series speakers are to be used for stereo or home theatre applications try to locate them as outlined in the following paragraphs:

Stereo Systems

In the majority of cases, stereo speakers should be between 2 m and 4 m (6 ft and 13 ft) apart. If the speakers are too close together, the stereo image will lack scale; if they’re too far apart, the image might have a weak central focus. The distance from the loudspeakers to the listening area should be similar to, or slightly more than, their distance apart. The closer the listening area is to the loudspeakers, the closer the speakers can be to each other. Paying attention to the stereo image will help dictate optimum speaker positioning. Diagram 2 illustrates basic speaker positioning.

Utility Audio Applications

If OW Series speakers are to be employed as utility speakers to provide background music and/or public address announcements they should be mounted above head height and distributed throughout the space appropriately to provide the required level of coverage.

In choosing locations for OW Series speakers, consider the “coverage” required with respect to the likely listener positions. Try and ensure that coverage is even and that as listeners move around the environment their distance to the nearest speaker remains relatively constant.