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S4-W65 User manual

In-ceiling Speaker Installation

To install a Studio Series in-ceiling speaker, proceed as described in the following paragraphs and accompanying diagrams:

Having selected the installation position and checked for the presence of studs (joists), pipe work, ducts or cables, mark a cut-line on the ceiling using the supplied template. Check that the diameter of the cut-line is correct: 210 mm (814 in) for the S4-C65 and S4-DVC65, and 260 mm (1014 in) for the S4-C80.

Use an appropriate tool to cut along the cut-line to create a cut-out in the ceiling. Trial fit the speaker Installation Frame in the cut-out to check clearances.

With the ceiling cut-out checked, the Installation Frame can be installed. Lift the frame into place and while holding it against the ceiling with one hand use the other hand to turn the three yellow securing clamps outwards and slide them down against the inner surface of the drywall (plasterboard).

Pull the speaker cable through the Installation Frame and ceiling cut-out. The length of free cable should be sufficient to allow the Speaker Unit to be held in one hand while connecting the cable to the Speaker Unit terminals with the other hand.

The speaker cable can now be connected to the Speaker Unit. Strip 15 mm insulation from the cable (if necessary), twist the wire strands and insert the stripped ends into the appropriate speaker spring terminals.

If the ceiling speaker is a S4-C65 or S4-C80 model simply ensure that the positive conductor is connected to the red speaker terminal and the negative conductor is connected to the black speaker terminal.


If the speaker is a S4-DVC65 model it can be connected in one of two modes: Stereo and Mono.

Stereo mode

Stereo mode is appropriate if the S4-DVC65 is to be connected to stereo left and right amplifier channels. Connect the positive and negative conductors from each amplifier channel to one set of red and black speaker terminals. Ensure that the positive conductors are connected to red terminals and the negative conductors are connected to black terminals.

Normal Mode

The dipole switch on the rear of the S4-DVC65 model should be set to Normal.

Mono mode

Mono mode is appropriate if the S4-DVC65 is to be connected to a single amplifier channel for multi-channel surround applications. Connect the positive conductor to the left hand red terminal and the negative conductor to the right hand black terminal. Use a short length of cable to connect the remaining two terminals together.

The dipole switch on the rear of the S4-DVC65 model will change the phase of the left tweeter from 0 degree in normal to 180 degrees in Dipole. Set the switch to Normal or Dipole as appropriate.

Dipole Mode

With the Speaker Unit connected to the speaker cable the unit can be lifted up into the Installation Frame. Turn the locking tabs on the front surface of the Speaker Unit fully clockwise (aligned with the lock icons) and insert it into the Installation Frame. Push gently around each locking tab until a click is heard. The Speaker Unit will then be secure in the frame.

[1] Rotate speaker to adjust bass/mid driver directivity

[2] Switch to adjust tweeter level

[3] Push to click. Three locations. Rotate clockwise to lock. Rotate counter-clockwise to release.

[4] Tilt to adjust tweeter directivity

With the speaker connected and secured into the Installation Frame, its bass/mid driver orientation and tweeter angle can be adjusted. In most installations, the orientation and angle should be adjusted so that the drivers face towards the listening position. To adjust the bass/mid driver orientation, grip the tweeter mounting arm and rotate the entire Speaker Unit as necessary. To adjust the tweeter tilt, grip the tweeter body and angle it to one of the three positions.

The high frequency tonal balance of Studio Series speakers can be adjusted to suit different installation environments. A tweeter level switch located on the front bezel offers +3 dB, 0 dB and -3 dB options on the S4-C65 or S4-C80, and 0 dB dB or -3 dB options on the S4-DVC65.

In-ceiling speaker installation is completed by fitting the grille. The grille is secured magnetically and requires no more than placing into position.