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S4-W65 User manual


Welcome to the custom install Studio Series and thank you for choosing a Dynaudio Custom Install product.

The Studio Series comprises the S4-C65, S4-DVC65 and S4-C80 in-ceiling speakers and the S4-W65 and S4-W80 in-wall speakers.

Each is designed to offer high quality audio performance while at the same time incorporating features and facilities designed to ease installation.

This manual describes the installation of Studio Series speakers within drywall/plasterboard walls and ceilings. It begins by listing the contents of the Studio Series cartons and continues with sections that provide information common to in-ceiling and in-wall speakers. Later sections in the manual provide information specific to installing in-ceiling or in-wall speakers.

If this is your first time working with Dynaudio Studio Series custom install speakers, or if you have not done so for a while, we recommend that you read the appropriate sections of this manual before you begin.

The Studio Series is designed to provide very high quality audio in custom installations where speakers are required to be fitted flush in walls and ceilings. The Studio Series not only benefits from four decades of Dynaudio speaker expertise but has been designed from first principles to offer a new approach to custom speaker installation and performance.

Studio Series speakers are uniquely simple to install. Once a ceiling or wall cut-out is created, no tools are required and installation can be completed by one person without assistance. Every element of the Studio Series installation procedure, from unpacking the speakers to painting and fitting the magnetic grilles is simplified and streamlined by design.

Studio Series speakers employ numerous Dynaudio speaker technologies, borrowed from the company’s recording studio monitors and high-end hi-fi speakers, to bring genuinely high performance audio to custom installations: unique bass/mid drivers with large diameter aluminium voice coils and finite element optimised high-power, low-distortion magnet systems, proprietary MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) diaphragms, and precision coated soft dome tweeters with powerful neodymium magnet systems are just a few examples among many.

Studio Series in-ceiling speakers incorporate 18° angled, 360° rotatable bass/mid drivers, and three position, adjustable tilt tweeters to enable their acoustic directivity to be optimised for the installation arrangement and acoustic character of the listening room.

The S4-DVC65 in-ceiling speaker incorporates twin tweeters and a dual voice-coil bass/mid driver that enable it to reproduce both channels of stereo programme material. The twin tweeters of the S4-DVC65 can also be switched to opposite polarity to enable its use as a dipole mode surround speaker in multi-channel home theatre installations. When used in dipole mode the S4-DVC65 should be connected to only one amplifier channel.

Studio Series speakers comprise a Speaker Unit and Installation Frame. The Installation Frame is inserted into the ceiling or wall cut-out and securely fixed in place using auto-locking clamps. The Speaker Unit is then connected to the speaker cables before being inserted into the Installation Frame to be held in place by a latch system. The grille is then fitted, securely attached by magnets integrated within the Installation Frame.

Carton Contents

The carton contents for all Studio Series in-ceiling and in-wall speakers are essentially the same. Items only differ in terms of ceiling/wall format and dimension. Within each carton can be found:

1 x Speaker Unit

1 x Installation Frame

1 x Grille

1 x Cut-out Template

1 x Paint Mask

1 x Document pack