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Contour S

Discontinued models!

For more than 20 years, we have built spectacular loudspeakers incorporating the very latest in state of the art technology. Throughout the world, Dynaudio's name is synonymous with hand-made quality and phenomenal audio performance.

Our legendary Contour Series offers true music aficionados a most fascinating range of loudspeakers in terms of both looks and technical performance, designed to meet your audio needs into the next millennium.

Each and every speaker in the Contour series has been designed by our legendary Danish engineers to our very own exacting specification, and features the driver technology for which Dynaudio has earned an outstanding reputation.

Every single Contour speaker is custom built by our skilled master craftsmen, under stringent laboratory conditions, with absolutely no compromise accepted in materials or workmanship. Each speaker must pass 86 quality control tests, including a final examination by computer-supported measurements, which are then stored along with the speaker's serial number.

In short, no corners have been cut and nothing has been left to chance, because we know that attention to detail is what you, as a true audiophile, demand. For you, we have pushed our technology even further in our mutual quest for ultimate sound satisfaction.

Read this booklet carefully and you'll agree: There's nothing like the Contour Series, and it's available right now.

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