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Contour 1.3 MK II

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Contour 1.3 MK II

The Contour 1.3 MKII is a compact, two-way book-shelf speaker with enhanced bass drivers for extra stamina and power. 

Don't be fooled by its size - the Contour 1.3 MKII may be small, but it's capable of delivering quite a punch! This re-designed classic now features a double magnet system that incorporates vented magnets on all drivers. The woofers have also been re-modeled to include one piece moulded MSP cones and state of the art, five-duct coil cooling systems.

In keeping with our Green philosophy, we have insisted on using environmentally friendly damping materials, combining these with acoustic stabilizing material for enhanced audio performance.

As a final touch, the re-designed Contour 1.3 MKII also features an improved multi-layer cabinet construction thanks to internal bracing which ensures maximum strength and rigidity.

Technical specifications

Wilfried Ehrenholz, Founder, Dynaudio

Specification sheet for Contour part 2
Sensitivity (2.83 V/1 m): 86 dB
IEC Long Term Power Handling: 150 W
Impedance: 4 Ohms
Specification sheet for Contour part 1
Frequency Response: 43 Hz - 24 kHz
Weight: 8,9 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D): 204 x 380 x 293 mm

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