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Contour 1.8

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Contour 1.8

"We're not victims of fashion. We're victims of our own perfectionism."

"Our loudspeakers are not turned out by machines, they're manufactured by human beings. By hand. When they are finished, after a few days, I listen to every single one. Some people may think that's a little over the top. That's all right with me; they don't have to buy our products." Hugo Nielssen, Dynaudio master-craftman for fifteen years.

The idea behind Dynaudio's legendary quality is really quite simple: It's better to avoid mistakes than to correct them once they have occured. This is why the Contour 1.8 is not an impressive combination of the fashionable ideas of the moment.

Instead, it is the impressive result of careful detail development. Bass driver and tweeter have been painstakingly developed and aligned, with all the proven elements of Dynaudio's philosophy:

The bass driver with oversized aluminium voice coil, linear group delay membrane geometry and exactly defined inner damping - free of coloration or false aggressiveness.

A newly developed 8" bass driver, with a 3" voice coil, guarantees excellent low frequency dynamics, with a harmonious crossover to the tweeter.

The passive Dynaudio BLR system, which reinforces the lowest frequencies in a precise and powerful manner. The fabric dome tweeter, whose naturalness and dynamics are unequalled.

The first-order crossover (with special coils and polypropylane capacitors,) which, contrary to higher-order cross-overs, does not suffer from ringing and overshooting.

The perfect control over the entire manufacturing process; all parts are meticulously built in-house an then rigorously selected and checked, through measurements and listening.

And the beauty of our enclosures - designed by computer, but built by hand. Perfect resonance damping means they have practically no influence on the sound. In the classic floor-standing speaker, all these features combine to form a very musical whole: A homogenous, uncolored sound which sets an impressive new standard for all kinds of music. Its analytical properties make the Contour 1.8 the ideal tool for those who don't just want to improve their system.

It's for those who want to gain new musical insights.

Technical specifications

Wilfried Ehrenholz, Founder, Dynaudio

Specification sheet for Contour part 2
Sensitivity (2.83 V/1 m): 86 dB
IEC Long Term Power Handling: 150 W
Impedance: 4 Ohms
Specification sheet for Contour part 1
Weight: 19 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D): 204 x 935 x 294 mm

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