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Contour 3.0

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Contour 3.0

Audiophiles will only need one demo to appreciate the quality of our Contour 3.0 - a three-way floor standing speaker designed for systems in mid-to-large sized rooms where clarity and power are prerequisites.

Housed in a wood-veneer cabinet fitted with a spiked MDF base, the Contour 3.0 features WBT binding posts, a bass reflex port and a detachable front grill that allows the listener to customize his or her own soundfield. The cabinet has also been braced internally to ensure that it remains strong and long lasting.

The Contour 3.0 incorporates one-piece moulded MSP cones in both its woofers and mids, and also utilizes a long throw linear spider on the woofer for enhanced membrane control.

Technical specifications

Wilfried Ehrenholz, Founder, Dynaudio

Specification sheet for Contour part 2
Sensitivity (2.83 V/1 m): 86 dB
IEC Long Term Power Handling: 200 W
Impedance: 4 Ohms
Specification sheet for Contour part 1
Frequency Response: 30 Hz - 21 kHz
Weight: 34 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D): 222 x 1060 x 366 mm

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