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Dynaudio's thirty-year history has yielded premium loudspeaker models which are still revered even today.

The Dynaudio Special One followed the company tradition of excellent compact loudspeaker designs, serving as one of the first upgraded models (as a further improved variant of the standard Contour 1 model), setting the standard for accuracy and sound quality for the class of compact two-way monitors.

Another pioneer was the Dynaudio Facette: As the very first design-orientated loudspeaker with true audiophile characteristics, the Facette, featuring a cabinet with no parallel walls, achieved a true ideal by sounding as good as it looks and looking as good as it sounds.A further milestone in the evolution of Dynaudio was the remarkable flagship Consequence model, with its incomparably elaborate compound cabinet and ultra-high performance driver technology.

Other Dynaudio favourites like the compact wall-mount Micron model with its special bass tuning, or the legendary studio-monitor grade Crafft are also be added to this archive.

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