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"Reference Loudspeakers May Come and Go; The Consequence remains".

The privileged position Dynaudio loudspeakers occupy, is confirmed in an impressive way by the Consequence.


Following a consistent concept and its realization, it is presented to music lovers who require the best, to aesthetes who possess a sensitive feeling for this uncompromisingly harmonic conversion of quality into a functional design; it is a loudspeaker for the few who are able to fulfil their individual demands and who are willing to do so.


The Consequence by Dynaudio achieves absolute high end. It represents uncompromising technology, and creative innovation on the highest possible level; it possesses qualifications which - together with difficult psycho-acoustical findings - come into full effect at the point that is the final stage for many loudspeakers: the point of truth. Because truth is and will always be the only universally valid standard for the quality of reproduction. The technical specifications are regarded as top quality by any expert. Impressive diagrams, data and curves produced by an oscilloscope, are not the measure of all things, but longlasting, convincing and audible sound reproduction.


We know that the human ear is able to notice even the tiniest sound distortion of modification. It notices imperfections that are often caused by the interaction, i.e. the mutual disturbance of resonances in various parts of the frequency range. The subtle constructive design of the Consequence - the four-chamber enclosure - reliably avoids such problems. On the one hand, the enclosure arrangement provides acoustical resonance decoupling from the floor; on the other hand, it completely prevents interaction of the systems. This is a sophisticated constructional feature that guarantees optimal performance parameters - necessity for an outstandingly demanding loudspeaker.


From the very beginning, Dynaudio has made it a matter of principle to realize integrated concepts. All components are the result of our own research, development, and manufacture. Not only does this include the component loudspeakers with all details but also the fine and noble enclosures, the reinforcement measures, and damping methods. All control processes, attack and decay response, and all interactions of the loudspeaker chassis have been considered in the whole concept.


Our loudspeaker systems have established and confirmed Dynaudio's excellent reputation all over the world. And it is our manufacture of loudspeaker systems on our own that led to a certain independence and in many cases to new, often unusual findings. For instance, we integrated into the Consequence, apart from the high-quality tweeter and midrange systems, a woofer with a diameter of 30 cm (twelve inches) equipped with a huge and rapidly reacting 100 mm (four inches) voice coil made completely of aluminium. Having made extensive calculations and extensive hearing tests, we positioned the woofer on top to compensate for the different delay times of the systems: all signals reach the listener's ear at exactly the same point of time which is of decisive influence on the sound homogeneity.


Unconventional research and development, extraordinary constructional efforts and absolutely uncompromising conversion of the findings into "audio truth", have made the name of Dynaudio a synonym for strong commitment, for innovative, often revolutionary ideas and research approaches, and finally excellent loudspeaker concepts. The Consequence emphasizes all of these features in a very impressive way. It offers superb stereo imaging, instruments can be exactly located, and the speaker is unobtrusive in a pleasant and agreeable way: it is areal revelation.


Most of all, it is the Consequence's complexity that impresses the trade journals and audio purists who consider this loudspeaker a shining example of loudspeaker artistry for the high degree to which the striving for absolute sound reproduction can be put into musical practice. Individual performance features, such as nearly unlimited power handling, pulse fidelity, flat impedance response, linear frequency response, phase- corrected crossover tharacteristics describe details, but cannot convey the Consequence's overall fascination.


The Consequence is and will always be an outstanding experience; it will always be a technical masterpiece that cannot be judged by conventional criteria but sets standards and criteria of its own. The degree of brilliance, dynamic range, bass response, transparency, definition and naturalness realized by this loudspeaker goes beyond the scope of traditional ideas, technology, and functional aesthetics. It is unique, independent, unmistakable, full of character, down to the last detail.


It is a loudspeaker which really emphasizes new values, a loudspeaker which is equiped with massive chassis rings, not for the sheer sake of show, but for proven acoustical concepts; it is a matter of course that such a loudspeaker possesses a selected and precious enclosure and first-dass manufactured surfaces. Plainly speaking it integrates best craftmanship and outstanding acoustical properties: quality in the true sense of this word.


It is really no wonder that the Consequence has become a masterpiece and, furthermore, a "collector's prize" of increasing value.

Technical specifications

Wilfried Ehrenholz, Founder, Dynaudio

Specification sheet for Editions part 2
Sensitivity (2.83 V/1 m): 83 dB
IEC Long Term Power Handling: 250 W
Impedance: 4 Ohms
Specification sheet for Editions part 1
Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 30 kHz
Weight: 82 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D): 400 x 1250 x 600 mm

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