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With the DYNAUDIO CRAFFT a monitor has been developed which - at first sight - resembles a lot of other solutions, however, stands out clearly against designed monitors.

The Crafft offers a two-way bass reflex design with very compact dimensions. When using a small monitor, it often pecurs that poor low-range and dynamic properties have to be deliberately taken into consideration. This compromise is not necessary in case of the Crafft. The utmost sound quality and outstanding dynamics are achieved, complemented by high reliability and power rating.

For many years now, DYNAUDIO has examined how to guarantee high standards of sound quality in places where only a minimum of space is available. Through our own research and development efforts as well as the entire production of all loudspeaker drivers have discovered completely new possibilities. More than 12 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality drivers are the basis for the development of the CRAFFT.

The woofer is equipped with a 75-mm-voice coil. This diameter provides optimum drive of the diaphragm and guarantees enough headroom with regard to power rating. The magnet system is especially designed for the computer-optimized bass reflex design of the CRAFFT. The result: bass dynamics and precision hardly imaginable in this class.

The woofer diaphragm is made of self-developed material which is based on polypropylene. These diaphragms manufactured by ourselves are characterized by absence of distortion and a minimum of partial oscillations due to excellent internal damping character of the material. The diaphragm geometry results in a harmonius and uniform pattern. Measurements taken at an angle of 30° or 60° show nearly no difference to on-axis measurements. Especially for studio work this fact is of decisive importance.

The tweeter of the CRAFFT is the new ESOTAR T 330 D. This dome-type tweeter was developed for professional application. It reproduces even the finest details with breathtaking authenticity and achieves unimaginable dynamics and power rating. DYNAUDIO has developed a new measurement technique which displays the frequency response at various power levels. These measurements show that the tweeter can handle transients up to 2,000 watts without compression.

The ESOTAR T 330 D is manufactured under laboratory conditions. Most of the work processes are made by engineers and technicians. During each phase of production, careful quality checks are made. The com-plete tweeter has to pass a final examination by computer-supported measurements afterwards stored with the serial number. Thus, the properties of each driver can be found out even after years, e. g. if are placement part is required. Tolerance between two tweeters is maximum- 0.5 dB. Provisions are made for tough continuous operation: the heat produced by the voice coil is dissipated to the magnet system with the help of a magnetic cooling liquid. The magnet system is tightly connected with the large front plate which dissipates the heat to the outside and thus acts like a huge heat sink. Temperature influences are often underestimated. But nearly all mechanical parameters of the drivers and therefore the entire sound characteristics depend on the temperature. Furthermore, short peaks with high levels result in a compression effect, due to changes of resistance in the coil which are - again - depending on the temperature. Mechanical damping of the moving system which provides ideal pulse response is another essential feature of this liquid.

The frequency crossover of the CRAFFT is exclusively made from components not changing their characteristics by aging processes. In order to fully exploit the pulse response of the drivers, only first-quality polypropylene capacitors are employed. When developing the drivers, DYNAUDIO takes the crossover circuitry into consideration. This is the only way to adapt all parameters to each other carefully.

The components of the CRAFFT have been developed to ensure that the loudspeaker does not create its individual sound characteristics. Any effects have been avoided. The DYNAUDIO CRAFFT is a monitor that displays the musical events down to the last detail and thus creates objective and impartial starting conditions for a perfect recording. When judging a recording, the listener may concentrate entirely on the recorded music and should not consider the characteristics of the monitor.

The CRAFFT is equipped with two switches enabling the high-range and the mid-range to be adjusted by: ±1.5 dB each. Thus adapting the loudspeaker to room acoustics and to the listener's position.

The CRAFFT offers XLR and banana jacks as well as a special OCOS input.

The cabinet is made of highly compressed MDF boards which - owing to various damping materials and a 'Sandwich' design - suppresses resonances efficiently. The surface is coated with an extremely wear-resistant Nextel finish.

Technical specifications

Wilfried Ehrenholz, Founder, Dynaudio

Specification sheet for Editions part 2
Sensitivity (2.83 V/1 m): 86 dB
IEC Long Term Power Handling: 150 W
Impedance: 4 Ohms
Specification sheet for Editions part 1
Weight: 10,9 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D): 220 x 400 x 280 mm

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