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Why the Micron is so small.
Dynaudio´s legendary engineering department has designed the Micron to achieve the hitherto unachievable: true high end sound in a wall- or shelf-mountable package. With other small high quality speakers, mounting close to a wall leave the bass bloated and boomy. Not so the Micron. Here, a special, controlled bass loading guarantees a precise and well-integrated reproduction of low frequencies. For the first time, the Micron will allow the most uncompromising aficionados of perfect sound reproduction to hear in small and very small rooms what they really want to hear: The truth, and nothing but the truth.

Why the Micron is so beautiful.
There are obvious and not-so-obvious elements of beauty. What you ca see is the Micron's classic, timeless Dynaudio design and the enclosure, meticulously hand-made and clad in the finest real wood veneers. If you want to give your thanks to the man responsible, he's our master craftsman Hugo Nielssen. Chief engineer Sven-Erik Nielsen, on the other hand, is responsible for important things you can't see. He guarantees for the famous Dynaudio quality in finish and materials. With his head. And his signature.

Why the Micron sounds so good (1).
As always at Dynaudio, the Micron's bass driver features a very generously dimensioned motor: a 3" voice coil for a 6" driver gives perfect control even under the most adverse conditions (even drivers twice this size normally have to do with a voice coil only half as large in diameter). The tweeter shares all features of Dynaudio´s famous Esotar and Esotec series, the accepted yardstick for the industry's most reputed designers. It has been carefully adapted for the Micron's design and can reproduce any program, driven by the best electronics, at the highest quality level.

Why the Micron sound so good (2).
For the Micron's enclosure, we took great pains (and a lot of money) to achieve two goals: freedom from resonance and inertia. And we did everything possible to man and computer to prevent the cabinet from modulating the music. The result: not least because of the extremely small surfaces, resonances are much, much lower in amplitude than with most larger speaker - the Micron is, finally, a box which will not superimpose ist own echo on the music. The finishing touch is the ingenious mounting method: a single screw and two spikes (provided) safely mount the speaker to the wall and acoustically decouple it at the same time.

Why the Micron is so rare.
We at Dynaudio make less speakers in a year than some other companies in a week. That's the price we pay for our quality standards: every single Micron, for example, has to pass 85 controls during its manufacture, only to be subjected to another two hours of thorough checking by computer an human ears. Which means, we regret to say, that less people get to enjoy truthful sound than we would ideally like. On the other has, maybe there aren't really that many people who truly deserve this privilege. Another reason why you won't find the Micron in just anybody's home.

Why the Micron is so expensive.
Most loudspeakers are designed to fit a price point, to help marketability. There are quite enough of those loudspeakers around. With the Micron, we didn't aim for a low price, but for high quality; a wolf in sheep's clothing, a through bred race car among compacts. Physically small this speaker may be, its sound quality will surpass that of most much larger boxes.

Why you need the Micron.
Because you like to hear the very best sound, but don't have the space for larger speakers. Because you are spoilt by your high quality stereo system, and can't stand listening to untruthful sound in other living rooms / your workroom / the kitchen anymore. Because you don't want to do without perfect music reproduction when, finally, you really have the time to sit down and listen, in your holiday home or apartment. Because you enjoy excellent sound from what is probably the most technologically advanced, most compact and least obtrusive way of filling a room with music.

Technical specifications

Wilfried Ehrenholz, Founder, Dynaudio

Specification sheet for Editions part 2
Sensitivity (2.83 V/1 m): 82 dB
IEC Long Term Power Handling: >150 W
Impedance: 4 Ohms
Specification sheet for Editions part 1
Frequency Response: 55 Hz - 21 kHz
Weight: 6,8 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D): 170 x 283 x 305 mm

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