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Discontinued models!

Elegant, refined and versatile… and they pack a serious punch.

High-end sound quality and elegant, slimline design. The Excite models can be driven quite effortlessly by almost any amplifier. Use them in stereo. Build a multichannel system. Even go active. High-quality furniture-grade cabinets – painstakingly assembled and finished by experts in Skanderborg – plus uprated crossovers, coated soft-dome tweeters and new long-throw mid/bass drivers, set Excite apart when it comes to getting the most from your music and films.

After all, the clue’s in the name…

Systems grow and change over time. We know you might not start off with a full-fat multichannel system (or maybe you will, in which case step this way). We know you’ll add to your set-up, subtract from it and swap out various components, cables and accessories over time.

That’s why we designed Excite to be able to roll with the changes you might want to make. We’ve tuned the speakers so they’ll play nicely with almost any amplifier you pair them with: their linear 8 ohm impedance and advanced MSP drivers (a material developed in our own labs) see to that. And they’re available in five sizes – so there’ll always be one right for your living or listening room.

Excite is all about versatility without compromise. It’s a system that grows with you – wherever you go.

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