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Focus XD

The quantum leap

The Focus XD is a new generation in high-end audio. 24 bit/192 kHz resolution from the music source to the driver. It's a complete digital revolution.

This is the loudspeaker for the listener who demands no-compromise audio quality and high-resolution digital audio.

Once you listen to the game-changing Focus XD and all the benefits that digital music has to offer, it will be clear that the world of high-end audio will never be the same.

  • Roland Hoffmann, Senior Manager of the Dynaudio Academy,  is talking about Focus XD speakers


Roland Hoffmann, Senior Manager, Dynaudio Academy

  • Dynaudio Esotec+ drivers

  • Integrated amplifiers

  • Analogue input

  • Digital input up to 24/192

  • Ready for wireless and multi-room

  • Speaker Position EQ

When our engineers presented the Focus 200 XD in a very early stage, I was sitting there and I couldn’t believe what I heard. The orchestra was playing in the widths and depths like if it was real. I’ve never heard this before.

Wilfried Ehrenholz

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