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Focus 220

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Focus 220

For a dynamic power delivery in the bass region, this slim floor-standing loudspeaker relies on two mid/bass drivers from the completely newly developed Esotec+ generation. By employing a double-magnet motor system with ultra-compressed Ferrite magnets, dramatic musical passages are reproduced without compromise. And with increased cone excursion, even the most powerful transients are delivered without compression.

The use of large diameter aluminium voice-coils has increased thermal handling capabilities tremendously, allowing all drivers to operate within an ideal temperature range, even at high continuous power levels and during powerful music transients. Another Dynaudio exclusive: The cone diaphragm with controlled rigidity is manufactured from Magnesium Silicate Polymer (MSP) – a material essential to the unique Dynaudio sound. This complete motor assembly is built into a torsionally rigid die-cast aluminium basket, which has been optimized to eliminate air turbulence and resonance and the adverse effects of such.

The extremely smooth and incredibly detailed high frequency reproduction characteristic of Dynaudio is guaranteed by the all-new T 380 soft-dome tweeter, which features the new Esotec+ technology. For the upper-range in the Focus 220, this called for the employment of Neodymium – one of the most efficient but also most expensive magnetic materials for loudspeaker construction. With the tweeter’s solid metal face-plate firmly attached to the cabinet by no less than six screws, any resonance is eliminated. Such a secure, neutral foundation is simply not possible by using light-weight plastic cabinets or loosely mounted drivers. 

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Wilfried Ehrenholz, Founder, Dynaudio

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