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Xeo 5

The optimum wireless floor standing loudspeaker with genuine high-end sound quality.

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Xeo 5

The optimum wireless floor standing loudspeaker with genuine high-end sound quality.

A slimline floor standing speaker with built-in amplifier and no speaker cables delivering high-end sound quality – previosly inconceivable before the Xeo 5.

As with the compact Xeo 3, the innovative Dynaudio speaker technology is featured, but in the Xeo 5 dual mid/ bass drivers and a larger cabinet volume are utilized. In concert with the high-performance digital amplifier, an incredibly deep bass response is achieved, allowing the Xeo 5 to perform magnificently even in larger spaces. These technologies unite with the advanced Dynaudio soft dome tweeters in the Xeo 5 to deliver a perfectly balanced and incredibly dynamic reproduction of music that remains powerful yet rich in clarity and detail.

You’ll be impressed by the voluminous, the full sound and intensity of every note, even when enjoying live performances. A pair of Xeo 5s flanking the flat screen TV outperforms the sound of any built-in speaker or sound bar, and provides the feeling of a home cinema – even without a subwoofer. Normally this sound quality is only reserved for a meticulously configured hi-fi system – but the Xeo 5 already has the ideal amplifier built in, and what’s more, it’s wireless!

Technical specifications

Wilfried Ehrenholz, Founder, Dynaudio

Specification sheet for Xeo part 2
Frequency response: 36 Hz – 22 kHz
Power consumption: 4 – 76 W
Power consumption standby: 0.6 W (network active)
Power rating: Woofer: 50 W, Tweeter: 50 W
Specification sheet for Xeo part 1
Dimensions (W x H x L): 170 x 922 x 260/275 mm (6.7 x 36.3 x 10.2/10.8 inch)
Weight: 16.7 kg
Power supply: 100 – 230 V
Finishes: Piano White Lacquer, Piano Black Lacquer Satin White Lacquer, Satin Black Lacquer

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