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October 01, 2015


Welcome our new Dynaudio Emit

We are happy to unveil a new affordable series characterized by Dynaudio technology and craftsmanship.

Today, we introduce the new Dynaudio Emit series to consumers worldwide. With this new series, we have created an entry-level high-end series that incorporates the extraordinary level of Dynaudio technology and performance you are used to – but offer it at an attractive and affordable price range.

The models in the new Emit series are well suited for both the traditional hi-fi system, but also as a home theatre set-up. For either set-up, the series is characterized by a sonic cohesion that ensures a perfectly homogenous sound experience. This experience isn’t difficult to achieve either; the speakers are easy to drive and simple to place in your favorite room.    

Emit in the living room

Technologically speaking, our new Emit series is characterized by its advanced Dynaudio drivers coupled with renowned Danish craftsmanship. The drivers are designed solely for the purpose of optimized sound performance within the boundaries of the models’ particular applications; the Emit series truly offers a level of sound performance that is unrivalled in its category. 

Available models:

Emit family

In terms of sound performance, the Emit series delivers incredible dynamics, extremely high levels of transparency and detail, and very powerful bass extension. These features combine to produce exceptional imaging and sound-staging capabilities with perfect cohesion across the series’ models. 

Aesthetically, we designed the Emit models with a simple and elegant Danish design in mind, and of course, Dynaudio’s high standard of build quality. In terms of finishes, you can get the Emit series in two modern expressions: Satin Black lacquer or Satin White lacquer making them fit particularly well with a modern living room. 

Emit M15C in black satin

The Emit series’ mix of performance and value is without equivalent in their respective price class – characterized by its modest price point. The series offers a new level of affordability for exceptional hi-fi performance – an affordability that makes high-end hi-fi easily accessible.  

You can learn more about the new Dynaudio Emit series here.