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New Xeo 2 Features

December 14, 2016

Three New Features

Active speakers present a world of opportunity for our engineers – it’s an adjustable, tweakable speaker system. And that comes in handy when we get customer feedback, or when our engineers have come up with something new and exciting. With our active products, we simply release a firmware update and voila.

With the new Xeo 2 firmware update, we’re bringing three new features to the Xeo 2 loudspeaker system – features that give you more control over your system: Night Mode, Fixed Volume Mode, and the ability to enable/disable Autosense as you please.

Night Mode

The new feature Night Mode lets you ‘turn off’ the Xeo 2’s LEDs, which will be music to your ears if you like watching movies in the dark – now, the Xeo 2s won’t stand out like two lighthouses guide your gaze away from the TV screen.

To put your Xeo 2s into Night Mode, press and hold the ‘OFF’ button on your remote for five seconds. Now, the LEDs will only light up when you change volume, switch input or turn them off.

One Volume Level for Me, Please.

We’ve also added Fixed Volume Mode. In this mode, your Xeo 2 speakers will be ‘locked’ to one specific volume level – a high one that’s close to max. With the speaker’s volume locked, you can control the volume precisely as you please straight from the source’s volume control.

When Fixed Volume Mode is activated, the Xeo 2s will remember it even after power off or standby. Press and hold the ‘MUTE’ button on your remote for five seconds, and you are good to go. If you feel like controlling the volume from your Xeo 2s again, all you have to do is change the volume, and Fixed Volume Mode will be disengaged.

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Autosense at your command

Now, you also have the ability to turn Autosense on/off. With Autosense enabled (the default mode), the Xeo 2s will turn off or go to standby if they do not detect an incoming signal. With Autosense disabled, the speakers will remain active and ready to play.

To disable or enable Autosense, you need to press and hold the ‘OPT’ button for five seconds: the LEDs will blink once for enabled or twice for disabled. Just remember. When disabled, you’ll have to actively turn the power off.

You haven't updated to the latest firmware yet, but can't wait to get your hands on it? No problem, you can find the latest firmware right here and even sign up for a reminder when the next one is released.