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February 03, 2016


Meet the people behind the Focus XD

The Focus XD is no ordinary loudspeaker: it is a redefinition of active digital high-end audio with its 24 bit / 192 kHz resolution from music source to the drivers.

When developed, our engineers sought to create an active digital loudspeaker for the listener who demands high resolution 24 bit / 192 kHz uncompromised audio quality. What they came up with not only surprised themselves – with its bottomlessly deep bass and incredibly realistic sound-stage, the Focus XD utterly impress, Wilfried Erhenholz, founder of Dynaudio: 

 “When our engineers presented the Focus 200 XD in a very early stage, I was sitting there and I couldn’t believe what I heard.

“The orchestra was playing in the widths and depths like if it was real. I’ve never heard this before”.

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Each Focus XD driver unit is powered by its own perfectly matched and performance optimized digital amplifier with precise DSP fine-tuning ensuring the impressively low-frequency output is always delivered with precision and in harmony whether it is reproducing the aggressive impact of a kick drum or the subtleties of a viola:

“The bass is almost bottomlessly deep and can deliver anything from the sledgehammer-like impact of an aggressive kick drum to the subtle caress of a viola with equal authority and with unparalleled accuracy,” Greg Borrowman.

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Focus XD family

In the Focus XDs, the music signal stays digital as far in the chain as possible for increased consistency and a true high-resolution listening experience tailor-made for the listener wanting to explore the potential subtleties of 24 bit / 192 high-resolution audio.

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The Focus XD has revolutionized active digital loudspeaker design and raises the bar to a whole new level - it is an entirely new and most innovative way of experience high fidelity.