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March 16, 2016


A people’s choice award – The Golden Ear.

The Golden Ear - or in its original German, The Goldenes Ohr - is not awarded by exclusive Hi-Fi magazines, famous reviewers or secret societies, but by the listeners themselves.

More than 33.000 people cast their vote to find the best Hi-Fi products within a variety of different categories; categories based on products reviewed by WEKA Journals Audio and STEREOPLAY in 2015. 

And they, the people, voted for Dynaudio. So much so, that we had to take the stage on three separate occasions.

The Excite X14A won 1st place in the category Active-/Desktop Speakers, and our Focus 200 XD loudspeaker won 1st place in the category Wireless Stereo Speakers and 2nd place in the category Active Compact Speakers.

Focus 200 XD Review

In 2015, STEREOPLAY tested the Focus 200 XD and they were impressed. Very impressed. The review paved the way for the Focus 200 XD’s nomination with incredible quotes like: “A loudspeaker? Oh no. Rather it is a clever, fully active, flexible all-round solution. A signal wire is all that’s needed. Or in some cases only two power cords. With the Focus 200 XD, Dynaudio is changing the game. And that’s good”.

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Excite X14A Review

The Excite X14A was examined by STEREOPLAY in the early months of 2015. But, despite their impressive near-field sound, this quote focuses on an equally impressive point: “A monitor speaker which especially in the near-field images very well, is silky and transparent, with surprisingly punchy bass. Can be adjusted to its placement and plays without signs of stress for hours… Price-Performance ratio: Outstanding.”

Learn more: The Dynaudio Excite X14A

The magazine's award issue will be available next 18 Friday 2016 in German newsstands.