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June 13, 2017

"Why are all loudspeakers square boxes?"

"Yeah, so why is that?" "Wait a minute, though." "Are all loudspeakers really square?" We'll let Malte answer that in a minute. In this episode of Ask the Expert, we are joined by Malte Köhn, Design Director, at the High End show in Munich for a chat about Danish design, how long it takes to design a loudspeaker, and why (and if) all loudspeakers have the same square design.

This episode's question

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Our first question is from Christine. She’s interested to know what really characterises Danish design and how it is expressed in Dynaudio speakers. 

Next up is Alvaro who asks how long it takes to design a speaker.

Finally, Jacky asks: “So, erhm… Why are all loudspeakers square boxes?”

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We want to thank all of you who posted questions on our Facebook posts. We didn't have a chance to answer all of your questions, but we'll keep them in reserve - just in case.

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