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Dynaudio Unheard clash-buster: who’s playing in our live studio and when

August 04, 2018

Join us at Smukfest 2018 in Denmark to see and hear incredible undiscovered bands – all in our state-of-the-art pop-up recording studio

Smukfest is one of Denmark’s biggest music festivals. It lasts for a week, and features some of the best established and new artists around. This year, you can bop along to the likes of Britney Spears, Shawn Mendes, Deadmau5, Post Malone, Tom Jones… as well as 184 other acts. No, that isn’t a typo. 

If you want to see the best of the unsigned, come and see the Dynaudio Unheard studio at KærligHeden Mark 1. It’s in huge shipping containers with glass sides – so you can see andhear everything that goes on in a pro recording session, all with a beer in your hand in the sun.

We’re there all week, and we’ll be recording and interviewing bands playing at the Live Camp – giving their music even more chances to be heard.

Here’s who you can look forward to seeing perform live in the studio (plus a few star-studded surprises):

Sunday 5th August

17:30 Lillevangen

19:00 Gwænno

20:30 Gurli Octavia

22:00 Puke Wolf


Monday 6th August

10:00 Zaina Jouret

13:00 L.T. Valentin

14:30 Alcabean

16:00 2nd Strike

17:30 Liive

19:00 Simone Tang

20:30 Nordnordnord


Tuesday 7th August

10:00 Maddy

11:30 Bathsheba

13:00 ELO

14:30 The Vice

16:00 Agnes

17:30 Julie

19:00 Rýk

20:30 Zaina Jouret


Wednesday 8th August

13:00 Johnson

15:00 Mattis


Thursday 9th August

11:00 DJ Static and Jøden

13:30 Ida Corr


Friday 10th August

11:00 Northern Assembly

14:00 Nicklas Sahl

18:00 Pilfinger and Djämes Braun


Saturday 11th August

10:30 Lleoh


For in-depth interviews of our Unheard artists, check out the Dynaudio Unheard page. We’ll also be posting a ton of videos on our YouTube page. We can’t wait to see you at the festival!