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How to choose in-ceiling and in-wall speakers

Studio Series

March 20, 2018

Custom install speakers are the perfect way to create a discrete yet powerful stereo, multi-channel or multi-room system. But which type of speaker goes where? And how do you choose the best in-wall and in-ceiling units for the job?

Not everyone wants (or has space for) traditional floorstanding or stand-mounted loudspeakers. But that doesn’t mean they can’t still experience great audio performance: the solution is to install speakers in the ceilings and walls.

The Dynaudio Custom range features in-ceiling and in-wall options, as well as a full LCR (left-centre-right) configuration for home cinema systems. But what do you need to think about when choosing integrated speakers? And which is best for a small or large room?

Here’s the lowdown:

Dynaudio in-ceiling speakers

The frames of our round in-ceiling speakers retrofit into many popular and existing cut-outs, while the patent-pending baffle latches mean super-quick, super-simple tool-free mounting.

The main driver is angled 18˚ and can rotate 360˚ in its frame, while the tweeter can be positioned – and adjusted – for precise directional control. There’s also a tweeter-level switch for even more fine-tuning.

The magnetically attached grilles can be painted to blend in with (or stand out from) the room’s décor, and can be used interchangeably with optional square versions to effortlessly integrate into any space.

Like all the models in the Dynaudio Custom Studio range, they feature the same 1in soft-dome tweeter technology and proprietary MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) woofer design that you’ll find in our cost-no-object Evidence Platinum flagship loudspeaker.

Its dual tweeters let you listen to either a mono or stereo signal from a single speaker unit – perfectly suited for hallways, closets, bathrooms and situations where you don’t have the space for more than one speaker installation.

Like the conventional Studio series round speaker units, the tweeters’ level can be adjusted. And because you can angle them, you can aim the sound exactly where you want. A separate switch on the back lets you use speaker in dipole mode for surround applications.

The added bonus? You get another stellar Dynaudio voice-coil – wound from aluminium rather than copper, for its superior power-handling, cooling and energy-transfer properties.

Mono or stereo (or both). It’s up to you

The S4-DVC65 dual voice-coil in-ceiling speaker brings even more flexibility to the Dynaudio Custom Studio range.

Dynaudio in-wall speakers

You want ease of use? You’ve got it. Dynaudio Custom Studio series rectangular in-wall speakers use some ingeniously simple technology to get you up and running with minimal fuss… and at maximum speed.

The frames are pre-installed during construction or renovation (the house can be finished around them). Then, when it’s time, your expert installer comes to mount and fine-tune the speakers – so it’s exactly right, first time. All without damaging the décor or having to pull anything apart.

Like the Studio series round in-ceiling speakers, the rectangular in-wall versions have a tweeter-level switch and include paintable magnetically attached grilles for an even more personalized set-up.

And, of course, they use Dynaudio’s legendary 1in soft-dome tweeter and MSP driver technology – the same stuff you’ll find in our celebrated hi-fi, automotive and pro-studio speakers.



Dynaudio LCR speakers

The Dynaudio Custom Studio series S4-LCR65 system is modular; its separate woofer and tweeter modules are designed to fit snugly in the spaces between standard American 16in on-center wall-studs. That means you can configure a full three-way LCR array with no modifications – and no more effort than it takes to spec the rest of the system.

The tweeter modules can be placed either way up to optimize the system for the listening position, while a rear switch lets you match their power setting to the number of woofer modules you’ve chosen. There’s also a passive filter bypass setting to unlock an unlimited range of fully active LCR system configurations.

Our engineers wanted to make it as easy as possible to install a larger array in one go, which is why magnetic fastenings hold everything securely together if you’re not separating the modules. The S4-LCR65 system also uses the exact same unique clamp-and-lock mechanism as the rest of the Dynaudio Custom Studio range.


Build a system for any room size

The beauty of a custom install system is its versatility. If you have a large room, simply add more speakers. The set-up can expand with your needs, including into hallways and communal spaces. You can also combine in-wall and in-ceiling models with traditional loudspeakers for unique home cinema configurations.


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