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How to install speakers in walls and ceilings

Studio Series

March 26, 2018

How to install speakers in walls and ceilings

Three steps to audio heaven: you can install Dynaudio Custom speakers in under two minutes

Installing Dynaudio in-wall and in-ceiling speakers really couldn’t be easier. There are three main steps, and they’re common to both the round in-ceiling and rectangular in-wall models.

We’ve designed the process to be quick, easy and neat – which keeps the installation costs down, minimises mess and keeps the whole system all but invisible.

1. Install the frame

The innovative clip-frame fits into the wall or ceiling cut-out. Then it’s fixed in place with the yellow securing clamps. You can loosen these and simply adjust as many times as you want without ever damaging the drywall. (And note: the rectangular frame can be fitted either way up.)


2. Mount the speaker

Connect the speaker cable to the terminals, then push the unit into the installation frame. Listen for the clicks as it locks in place. You can fine-tune the high-frequency balance by ±3dB with the switch on the baffle. Round speakers can be rotated in the frame to point the driver down (or across) to the listening position, while the tweeter can be angled for even greater control.


3. Attach the grille

It’s magnetic, so it just snaps into place.


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