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January 26, 2019

We’re in sunny California for The 2019 NAMM Show: it's palm trees, studio gear and live music in the Dynaudio Unheard touring recording studio. Here’s our day one round-up from the Grand Plaza in front of the Anaheim Convention Center.

We kicked off the morning with the Maine-born, LA-based singer-songwriter Melanie Mcguirk. Melanie, or Melrose as she goes by, had a cozy, soulful vibe that provided the perfect soundtrack to a wonderfully chill first morning at the NAMM Show.

Next, we welcomed the LA-based band THRILL YOU KILL YOU. DJ-turned-frontwoman Fei-Fei traded the turntables for a mic for this indie/post-punk/electronica band with a vulnerable and rebellious sound.

Amber Ryann, a Pasadena-based singer-songwriter, hip-hop artist and producer, entered the studio as our third artist of the day. Finding inspiration in relatability, she brought an emotional and introspective take on hip-hop.

Finally, the delightfully contagious Dawn Joseph entertained with a fabulously funky sound that had the crowd cheering for an encore – which was duly given as the sun set over Anaheim.