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Dynaudio Academy

The Dynaudio Academy is our collection of articles about everything from loudspeakers or fascinating people to our technologies and our best tips.

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Dynaudio Unheard

Dynaudio Unheard the NAMM Show '19: One More Day

These soulful funk musicians ended up spread across the country after finishing college, but somehow they still managed to produce a full-length album despite having hundreds of miles between them. With One More Day in the driver's seat, the third morning at the 2019 NAMM Show was more upbeat and energetic than the relaxed singer-songwriter mornings from previous days - to the delight of their audience (at least those not affected by Friday night's NAMM parties). 

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Dynaudio Unheard Interview: Ida Corr

In the Dynaudio Unheard studio star Danish singer-songwriter Ida Cour and her band thoroughly worked through a single song. Their live take was laid down over a produced backing track, which was then recreated instrument by instrument – piano, cajon, acoustic guitar and stacked vocals, all backed by a click-track to keep everything synced. We met up with Ida Corr after her recording session to learn about her approach in the recording room, and the hours, weeks and months of work it took to break through as a musician. 

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Dynaudio Unheard Smukfest '18: Zaina Jouret

Solo singer-songwriter Zaina Jouret was raised in a musical family and, after settling on the guitar (after a brief dalliance with the accordion), has been trying to break through in the business for some time. She’s now on her way, thanks in part to Denmark’s She Can Play community – a programme designed to give something back to young female artists. Her emotive, mellow, soulful style was the perfect start to the day. 

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News and events


What does football and music have in common?

And how do you adapt to a foreign country as a 10-year-old? Peter Naumann or ELO experienced it all since he moved to Denmark from Zambia as a young child with his mother and brothers. ELO released his first single ‘Illuminate’ in 2016 and has been working on his music since then, taking care of both writing, producing and the business of music. Dynaudio met ELO at Smukfest for a talk about his passion for hiphop, his cultural background and the difficult task of breaking through. 

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Reckless on stage, inexhaustible creative force in the studio: Frank Carter

While Dynaudio Unheard was running smoothly down at KærligHeden, the Dynaudio Audio Academy podcast snuck into the main festival area to meet one of British punk rock's more influential characters: Frank Carter. Frank Carter lives and breathes his music and has a reactive approach to life, which makes him reckless on stage and an inexhaustible creative force in the studio. Listen in as we Frank Carter reflects on his careers and how he reinvents himself. 

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An Electronic Music Journey with Goldie

Goldie is already a living legend in electronic music, but having impacted the art and film worlds as well, he is actually a cultural phenomenon in a broader sense. If you are into electronic music – more specifically Jungle, Breakbeat and Drum ’n’ Bass – you definitely know Goldie well, but even if you aren’t, chances are that you have heard his music, as he holds several Top 10 positions on album and single charts in both the UK and the US. 

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Ask The Expert

The 'Speaker Placement' Master Class

It comes up again and again. Because it's important. An inch here and an inch there, it all makes a difference. And it's tough to get right. Setting up your speakers is real work - concentration and patience paramount. We've invited our Senior Manager for the Dynaudio Academy, Roland Hoffmann, to join us in the Ask the Expert studio to talk about speaker placement. It soon turned into a true Master Class, packed with tips, tricks and practical takes on real situations sent in from our Facebook fans. 

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Interview: Vinyl's renaissance

Ten years ago, vinyl and turntables had all but disappeared. Today, well that’s a different story. Vinyl and turntables have experienced a renaissance and sales are now approaching the same level as in the late eighties. For some, it’s a return for the music that captured their hearts many years ago. For many others though, it’s a completely new format that they’ve never seen before. No matter what side you come down on, it’s a format with a unique appeal and a remarkable sound quality. 

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