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A unique place to work

At Dynaudio, we believe that excellent R&D and Engineering as well as excellent production goes hand in hand.

Therefore, we have chosen to keep the two main processes physically connected by keeping production in-house. This means that we have focus on Design for Manufacturing for maintaining an outstanding quality both in sound and in manufacturing.

This makes Dynaudio a unique place to work.

We have direct access to our own means of production. We have our own production lines, which we build ourselves - and a very close contact with sub-suppliers making important processes such as molding. 

All the complicated machinery that you need to convert materials into high-end speakers – we have all of that in-house. 

Working at Dynaudio, you have to be a team player. Skills are significant regarding a job description – still your ability to be a part of a team is important.

Dynaudio new research and development center

Even though Dynaudio is an international fast growing company, our culture is warm and welcoming. A culture where people are committed to creating the best and most authentic sound possible.

Our common ambition
Our common ambition is to be the cutting edge using our creative and innovative competences to achieve the best results. We dare to take chances and try new paths with the purpose of making peoples experience with sound much more pleasant.

When saying so, it is important to point out that quality in fact is our backbone. We take responsibility for ensuring that we deliver a product which we are proud of. Every time. We do not accept indifference or "good enough".

If you are experienced in sound, this experience can always be brought one step further. Therefore, if you have a passion for bringing the best sound in the world to life – for bringing authentic sound into the real world - worldwide - you should definitely be a part of Dynaudio.