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August 21, 2015

Dynaudio Focus 600 XD reviewed by The Abso!ute Sound

​The Focus 600 XD is” so good even audiophiles who may have dismissed active digital speakers out of hand will discover the manifold merits this technology offers”. That’s how The Abso!ute Sound’s review of our largest active, digital loudspeaker, the Focus 600 XD ends.

But, praise is a common theme throughout this excellent review of the 600 XD, as its bass performance, overall dynamic coherence, and top end are emphasized for their outstanding performances in this tallish, slim floor stander:

“The 600 XD’s bass performance was outstanding—full and weighty yet agile and articulate. Kick drum was reproduced with a lifelike sense of suddenness and impact, and equally fast decay. This dynamism allowed it to cut through the acoustic or electric bass lines, conveying the music’s full rhythmic drive.”

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Front side of the speaker

“Across the spectrum, the Focus 600 XD conveyed the transient nature of music with immediacy and life. Drums had lively impact and power, and the percussive nature of piano was beautifully portrayed. It helped the 600 XD’s overall dynamic coherence that the bass didn’t lag behind the rest of the spectrum on either the leading-edge impacts or on decays. It all added up to a dynamically compelling presentation.”

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Finally, The Abso!ute Sound finish by pointing out that:

“For listeners who crave simplicity, elegance, and ease of use, the Focus 600 XD offers all that and more. Rather than ask music lovers to trade sound quality for convenience, as is so often the case with “lifestyle” systems, the 600 XD actually offers technical and sonic advantages not possible in traditional passive systems of this price. A case in point is the 600 XD’s spectacular bass reproduction, which is the direct result of Dynaudio’s active digital technology.”

The Focus XD is also available in two smaller sizes: The floor standing Focus 400 XD and bookshelf Focus 200 XD.

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